VLA Jamaica | How to apply for a gun license in Jamaica (2023)

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VLA Jamaica | How to apply for a gun license in Jamaica (2)FL Jamaica

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FLA is one of the youngest government organizations in the country, founded only 16 years ago. This came after the Jamaican government approved the law a year earlier.

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Can you own a gun in Jamaica?

Yes, Jamaicans are allowed to own guns as long as they have the necessary permit issued by the FLA.

Do you need a gun permit in Jamaica?

Yes, gun licenses are required to legally own a gun in Jamaica.

What does FLA mean in Jamaica?

The FLA is the firearms licensing authority that has been given responsibility for approving the issuance and renewal of firearms licenses in Jamaica.

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The Firearms Act of 1947 was not as comprehensive as the FLA is today. The primary purpose was to control the production, sale, purchase, import, export, possession and use of firearms and ammunition.

Jamaica's new firearms licensing system is more transparent and leaves less room for unscrupulous activity.

How long does it take to apply for a gun permit?

  1. A new application for a gun license takes 12 months. However, additional ammunition application, removal permit, firearm import permit and ammunition import permit have a processing time of 5 working days.
  2. Exchange or replacement of a defective firearm takes 10 days.
  3. How long are the permits valid for?
  4. Each license has a specific license in which it is valid. This can take anywhere from 30 days to 5 years, depending on the permits you have received.

Permits for 5 years

  • Firearm user license card
  • Firearm user business license
  • (Special) permit for the user of firearms
  • Assessment of safe use and handling

1 year license

  • Receipt of fee for user license for firearms
  • Firearms Operator Employee Certificate
  • Authorized firearms dealer
  • Weapons license

30 day permits

  • Permission to remove
  • Permits are valid for a specific period or event
  • Temporary permit (bird hunting season)
  • Small license (bird hunting season)
  • License to import firearms

At what age can you get a gun license in Jamaica?

You must be 18 years of age to legally own a firearm in Jamaica. However, a temporary license can be applied for from the age of 17, while minors (11-16) can apply for a minor license with the help of the main holder.

How to submit an application for an MVV or a minor's license?

You need a series of documents to apply. You will need:

  • Application form: Application form for minors (for children aged 11 to 16) or FLA application form (17 and over)
  • 1 passport photo
  • Tax registration number (TRN)
  • Confirmation of license payment

A copy of the primary holder's license and a certificate of current license fee
Letter of authorization from parent/legal guardian (if applicable) and primary license holder.

Statement of Competence: Must be obtained from an authorized FLA trainer. The letter must state the applicant's ability to handle a shotgun and adhere to safe use standards.

Who is allowed to go to the shooting range in Jamaica?

Shooting ranges are in most cases open to the public. Only adults over 18 may go alone. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is at least 21 years old.

What are the requirements for a gun license in Jamaica?

  • 1 Application form filled in by the applicant's hand
  • 2 passport photos certified by a justice of the peace. (The JP seal must contain their registration number.
  • Proof of age (passport or birth certificate; original and photocopy).
  • Proof of income (original and photocopy)
  • 2 recommendations
  • Certificate of license payment (original and photocopy)
  • Letter explaining the application

Additional information for the application process for firearms

Both recommendations should come from the following people. You must be known to both judges for at least 5 years.

  • Minister of Religion (must be a wedding officiant)
  • Justice of the Peace
  • School Director
  • Official police rank (not below the rank of deputy chief)
  • Lawyer
  • Doctor
  • resident magistrate
  • Member of the JDF (major and above)
  • Member of Parliament

Members of the Jamaica Police Force or Jamaica Defense Force must attach a sealed letter from their commanding officer with their application.

All recommendations should be made to the firearms licensing authority
As proof of income, you must attach original and photocopied payslips for the last 3 months (for biweekly employees, that's 6 payslips).

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A valid Business Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) and a valid Individual Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) are required for the self-employed if the applicant is a company, i.e. a company, sole proprietorship or partnership. An official bank statement is also required.

Can I ask someone to submit my application?

Not. The applicant must submit all applications by registered mail.

Can you bring firearms into Jamaica?

Not. Guns, knives or weapons of any kind are not allowed on the island.

Can Jamaicans living abroad apply for a gun permit in Jamaica?

Previously, people living outside the island were not allowed to apply for a permit. But now retirees, returning residents and individuals who work overseas seasonally can apply. The same documents are required.

It is important to note that those living abroad must travel back each year to complete the renewal process in person. And you must be a permanent resident of Jamaica.

Also, spending most of your time out of the country can hurt your application.

Can a person claim any type of firearm in Jamaica?

No, the only two weapons allowed in Jamaica are 9mm pistols and shotguns.

What to do if you lose an approved firearm?

If your firearm is lost or stolen, you must report it to the nearest police station within 48 hours. A signed and stamped copy of the report must also be submitted to the firearms licensing authority. The report must contain all information about the weapon and the circumstances under which it was lost or stolen.

How should I store my firearm when traveling off island?

When traveling off-island, you must leave your firearm at the nearest police station or firearms licensing authority.

This must be done in person and failure to comply may result in sanctions. There is a fee for leaving a firearm at the FLA. Pistols cost 300 JMD per month, and rifles and shotguns 500 JMD per month.

Contact information

  • Address:Hoofdkantoor - 91A Old Hope Road. Kingston 6 | Montego Bay - Winkel # 9, Bogue City Center. Bogue, Montego Bay, St. James | Manchester – Winkel G15, James Warehouse Plaza. Mandeville, Manchester | St. Ann, perceel 60, Dairy Road, Discovery Bay, St. Ann
  • Telephone:Kingston (headquarters): (876) 927-5159-60 / 927-6057-59 |
    Montego Bay - (876) 978-0245 | Manchester: Digicel - (876) 927-6073 / (876) 927-6075 / (876) 618-0487 (Digicel) | Sveta Ana: Protoc- 876-670-0812 | Digicel- 876-618-2920-21
  • Working hours:Monday – Thursday: 8.30 – 16.00 | Friday: 8.30 - 15.00 (closed on weekends)

I really hope I covered most of the questions you had. However, if there are any I missed,FLA-placehas a wealth of information including fees and application forms. The FLA representatives are also quite informative.

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VLA Jamaica | Written: September 28, 2022

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