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Universities in Britain that accept TOEFL are popular and prestigious for their research and academic distinctions. All UK universities accept TOEFL scores as part of the language score requirements for the admission of international students from countries where English is not the first language.

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is an acceptable substitute for IELTS Academic (International English Language Testing System), another giant in English language assessment. The TOEFL is a language test that assesses four English language skills used in classroom instruction.

Therefore, taking the TOEFL test helps students get used to the classroom environment they will encounter in the future. It also assures admissions officers of the applicant's ability to study undergraduate or graduate programs at UK universities.

The TOEFL exam is administered in 4,500 test centers in 190 countries, and its easy availability contributes to its popularity. Moreover, TOEFL iBT is now also available in a home edition, which means that it is now possible to take the TOEFL exam at home. It also received a positive response from British universities.

Let's explore TOEFL accepted universities in the UK and the TOEFL scores required for admission to these universities.

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Highlights of the TOEFL exam

FromTOEFL ispithelps students better prepare for the university campus. It is usually the first or second choice of UK university, while accepting non-native English students. Here is an overview of the TOEFL exam:

TOEFL ispit

Method of examination

On the line

Duration of the exam time

3 hours and 30 minutes

Number of sections


TOEFL score range

0-120 (display, professional).

TOEFL accepted universities in the UK

University of Oxford, University of Manchester, Kings College London

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Do British universities accept TOEFL?

Yes, according to, the body that administers the TOEFL exam, 100% of UK universities, including 24 Russell Group universities, accept the TOEFL exam. Therefore, students who want to be admittedBritish universitieswith themTOEFL-resultsthey can be sure that they have chosen the right language test.

However, TOEFL is an expensive test of English language proficiency, but it adds value to English language learning itself. In addition, TOEFL scores are calculated based on a wider range of scores, making it fairer. A good TOEFL score can improve students' academic profiles and increase their chances of receiving offer letters from prestigious academic institutions in Britain.

What is the TOEFL score required for UK universities?

The TOEFL score required for British universities is between 80 and 90. Top British universities such as Oxford and Cambridge require TOEFL scores above 100 because these institutions are highly selective and competitive. There are universities that accept students with TOEFL scores as low as 60 or 70. Some programs or courses in the UK do not require TOEFL scores at all.

Students should research the entry requirements for the various UK universities they wish to apply to. TOEFL scoring requirements for undergraduate, graduate, and graduate research may differ. TOEFL score requirements may change depending on the courses and majors that applicants choose.

It is therefore mandatory for students to specify the minimum TOEFL score requirements of UK universities and courses. Accordingly, they must set their goal, which must be at least 5 to 10 points higher than the requirements set by the universities.

ETS has several predetermined descriptions of results that indicate the level of performance, and the following range of results is considered good:

Part of the TOEFL exam

Acceptable/good range of results

TOEFL reading

22-30 (view, other).

Listen to TOEFL

22-30 (view, other).

TOEFL writing

24-30 (view, professional).

TOEFL speaking

26-30 (view, other).

Recommended score versus minimum score at UK TOEFL accepting universities

A TOEFL recommended score is one that an institution or program suggests is competitive or desirable for admission, but is not required. The TOEFL recommended score, on the other hand, is the minimum score required by an institution or program for admission. When applying to institutions or programs, it is important to pay attention to the proposed and required points because achieving the required number is a condition for consideration. However, a better score may increase your chances of acceptance or may be necessary for certain programs or awards.

Most UK universities that accept TOEFL tests list their suggested scores and it's always best to aim for that. This is because candidates who achieve the recommended score have a stronger grip than those who simply achieve the minimum required level. If your TOEFL score is close to the required minimum, you still have a chance to get a place when the rest of your application is completed.

  • Undergraduate programs:For undergraduate programs, the minimum or suggested TOEFL score is generally the same for all programs and courses.

  • Diploma programs:They are much more demanding, and the selection process is quite narrow and painstaking, requiring a good TOEFL score. TOEFL results in this case vary depending on the course of study.

How do you determine your target TOEFL score?

  • Step 1:Create a chart with institution names with minimum TOEFL scores, total scores, recommended scores, and comments.

  • Step 2:Collect all relevant information from their official websites (usually found on the 'foreign students' page) and enter it in the appropriate sections. Find your desired UG or PG TOEFL score carefully.

  • Step 3:Select the highest TOEFL score from the list of all TOEFL scores. Now you can pay attention to that result and strive to achieve it.

Which UK universities accept TOEFL?

As there are a number of universities that accept the TOEFL, here is a list of universities in the UK that accept the TOEFL for undergraduate and graduate admissions and the minimum scores required for the TOEFL:

TOEFL accepted universities in the UK

Minimum TOEFL score

TOEFL scores by section

University of Oxford

100-110 (display, other).

Listen: 22

Read: 24

They say: 25

Writing: 24

University of Cambridge


25 the losa element

Imperial College London


17 in each part

University College London (UCL)


24 in reading and writing

20 in speaking and listening

University of Edinburgh


20 in each section

University of Manchester


Varies by exchange rate

University of Warwick


Not specified

University of Glasgow


23 in every skill

University of Bristol


20 in each section

University of Birmingham


19 in reading, listening and writing

21 at Speak

University of Sheffield


17 in listening and writing

18 to read

20 in speech

Queen Mary University of London


24 In writing

18 to read

17 in Listening

20 in speech

Lancaster University


19 in reading, listening, speaking

22 In writing

University of Southampton


17 in listening and writing,

20 in speech,

18 to read

University of Leeds


20 in listening and reading,

22 in speech,

21 In writing

University of Nottingham


10 Read it

9 Listen

17 Speak

19 Writing

University of Exeter


21 for writing

21 for listening

22 to read

23 for speech

University of Newcastle


Read - 18

Writing and listening - 17

Speak - 20

University of Sussex


22 in listening,

23 in reading and speaking, 24 in writing

University of Aberdeen


Listening - 17 or more

Reading - 18 or older

Speaking - 20 or more

Writing - 21 or older

University of York


17 in Listening

18 to read

20 in speech

17 In writing

University of Liverpool

88-89 (view, other).

Not mentioned

University of East Anglia


Not mentioned

University of Leicester


20 in each section

Cardiff University


17 for writing and listening

18 to read

20 per speech

Queen's University Belfast


Listen - 17

Read - 18

Speak - 20

Writing - 17

University of Bath


24 in each part

University of Dundee


Writing: 23

Listen: 21

Reading and speaking: 20

University of Surrey


23 in reading and listening 22 in speaking

26 In writing

Swansea University


22 Listen

24 Reading and writing

25 Speak

How can I send my results to universities that accept TOEFL in the UK?

As part of the university application process, TOEFL scores and scores are required. Here's how to send TOEFL scores to UK universities that accept them.

Before the trial

  • Step 1:First, get a TOEFL account.

  • Step 2:Add or remove universities as needed.

  • Step 3:Your TOEFL scores are automatically sent to all universities on your list.

After the trial

  • Step 1:Students can also submit their score reports after receiving their TOEFL scores.

  • Step 2:Use your TOEFL account to ordertest the report.

  • Step 3:Your reports will be delivered to the listed universities within 5 days.

TOEFL alternative for admission to British universities

Students who do not want to take the TOEFL or do not have a place can apply for other alternative tests of English language proficiency that are equally reputable and guarantee admission to renowned colleges and universities. Some of the alternatives to TOEFL for admission to British universities are listed below:

Language proficiency test

Grade Point Average Requirements

IELTS exam


PTE exam

50-60 (view, expert).

Duolingo exam

110-135 (view, other).


162-168 (view, other).

TOEFL is the oldest language test and is safe and reliable. This is the reason why all universities in Britain accept the TOEFL. Proper preparation can help students achieve the desired TOEFL scores that guarantee entry to top universities in Britain.

If you have any questions about universities that accept TOEFL in the UK, please email us at so we can address them.

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Frequently asked questions

Which universities are accepted for TOEFL in UK, London?

Universities accepted for TOEFL in UK London are University College London, University of London, Imperial College London,London Metropolitan Universityand the University of Greenwich. These universities are well known for their academic excellence and the TOEFL admission requirement is between 90 and 110.

Which universities in UK are accepted for TOEFL where you can study with low scores?

TOEFL accepted universities in the UK where you can study with low TOEFL scores are University of St Andrews, University of Manchester, University of Nottingham and University of Aberdeen. These universities accept TOEFL scores between 60 and 80. Low score requirements help students get into these universities easily despite low TOEFL scores.

Prihvaća li London School of Economics TOEFL?

Yes fromLondon School of Economicsaccepts TOEFL scores for admission to various courses. The total TOEFL score required here is 107, and the score requirement in each section is different. Reading and listening require 23 out of 30, writing 22 and speaking 20 out of 30.

Is the TOEFL home edition accepted at UK universities?

Yes fromTOEFL home editionis accepted at universities in Great Britain. Although this version of the TOEFL test is taken from home, it is still part of the TOEFL iBT and the results can be accepted and used for the same purposes as the TOEFL iBT results obtained from the test center.

Do universities in the UK accept TOEFL?

Yes, UK universities accept the TOEFL for admission to various academic programs at various levels within their institutions. Because the TOEFL is so popular and mimics the English language skills required in classrooms, all British universities have approved the use of the TOEFL exam for admission purposes.

Is TOEFL accepted for Indian students in UK universities?

Yes, Indian students can take the TOEFL exam to study in UK universities. Thus, thousands of Indian students who want to study in the United Kingdom take the TOEFL test, which has four components to test English language proficiency. The cumulative scores of all sections are added together to obtain the total scores.

Are UK universities accepted for TOEFL more than universities accepted for IELTS?

No, UK TOEFL accepted universities are no more than IELTS accepted universities as both IELTS Academic and TOEFL are extremely popular. All UK universities accept both IELTS and TOEFL for English language requirements and candidates can apply to any of these universities without thinking about acceptance.

Which UK universities accept TOEFL for undergraduates?

Universities in the UK that accept TOEFL for undergraduate admission are University of Kent, De Montfort University, Brunel University, Nottingham Trent University, Cardiff University and others. The average TOEFL score required at these universities is between 90 and 100. Some popular universities may require a higher TOEFL score for undergraduate admission.

Which UK universities accept TOEFL for Masters?

UK universities that accept TOEFL master scores include London Metropolitan University, Kings College London, Bristol University, University of Plymouth, University of Coventry, University of Warwick and University of Manchester. Often postgraduate TOEFL scoring requirements are higher and UK universities may require TOEFL scores between 95-110.

What is the minimum TOEFL score for UK universities?

The minimum TOEFL score accepted at UK universities is 60. TOEFL scores in any component can drop to 10. But most universities prefer students to have a minimum TOEFL score of 85 to be admitted because education is given in English and good command is required language.


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