Sri Lanka vs Maldives: How different are they? Click to find out! (2023)

Surrounded by pristine beauty, the Maldives and Sri Lanka are two of the most popular tropical destinations in the world. Both destinations offer two different geographical, cultural and economic conditions and share a similar past and present lifestyle.The two neighboring countries are surrounded by water giving a real sense of beauty that is hard to ignore. Serving as an ideal destination for a relaxing getaway, the Maldives and Sri Lanka are the perfect escape from the city's chaos and hustle and bustle. Although they offer a similar lifestyle, they are different in their own ways. Let's compareSri Lanka vs Maldivesand see how they differ.

Natural landscape

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However, while both countries are tropical, the landscape of the Maldives mainly consists of lagoons and beautiful beaches. The pristine blue beaches are dominated by breadfruit trees and coconut palms. Maldives beaches are picture perfect surrounded by white sand, shallow turquoise water, palm trees and tropical fish among pristine beaches. Showcasing blue landscapes as far as the eye can see, the country offers the perfect romantic getaway for couples.

An island located in the Indian Ocean; Sri Lanka is located in the southeast of the southernmost tip of the country. The country takes you through a picturesque landscape surrounded by crystal clear beaches, ancient historical ruins and the natural beauty of legendary temples. Sri Lanka is much more diverse compared to the Maldives when it comes to landscapes, wildlife, flora, fauna and architecture. Sri Lanka celebrates a wealth of cultural traditions and customs and is the perfect place to experience an urban hub with the best of nature.

Best time to visit Sri Lanka vs Maldives

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The climate of Sri Lanka is predominantly tropical with distinct dry and rainy seasons. The average temperature usually ranges from 28-32 degrees Celsius, which can vary from season to season. Areas around the coast usually stay cool due to the calm cool breeze from the ocean. April and August are the warmest months, while December and January are the coldest. Therefore, the best time to visit is in winter, including the months of November to February.

On the other hand, the Maldives offers a tropical climate that is quite hot throughout the year. The country experiences two distinct monsoons, the southwest which occurs from May to October along with the northeast which occurs from November to April. The southwest usually brings more rain and wind from June to July. While the hottest months are March, April and May, where the temperature rises to 30 or 31 degrees Celsius, January is the coldest month in the country.


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The Maldives can ideally be explored in 4 to 5 days. Unless you're into specific time-consuming activities like deep-sea fishing and scuba diving, the Maldives is a perfect short-term stay compared to a long-term one.
A tour through Sri Lanka is ideal for 6 nights and 7 days. During this period, one can rightly explore the country and its beauty.

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The currency of the Maldives is the Maldivian Rufiyaa. During your trip to a tropical island, you will need local currency, especially when visiting local shops and using local services in the area.

On the other hand, the currency of Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan Rupee. Currency issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka is useful for shopping in local shops and places.

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In Maldives, the daily budget can be as high as INR 3500 per day. You can expect around INR 2100 per day in a private room along with INR 700 per day for various activities. There are ways to be even cheaper by using affordable budget research solutions.

In Sri Lanka, you can count on a daily budget of INR 2100-3500 per person for drinks, food, accommodation and transport. The basis of these costs includes staying with host families, guesthouses, visiting local restaurants or in your accommodation.

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To travel to the Maldives you need a valid passport with a transit/return ticket. In addition, enough money is important for access. A visitor's visa is valid for a period of 30 days and is validly issued upon arrival. Travelers can visit the Republic of Maldives, Ministry of Emigration and Immigration for the latest visa information.

You must purchase a 30-day visa before visiting Sri Lanka. You must follow the application process while paying by debit or credit card for your e-Visa. You can print the visa confirmation once it has been approved.

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Places to visit Sri Lanka vs Maldives

Both the Maldives and Sri Lanka offer breathtaking locations and are a paradise for travellers. Let's take a look at some of the most popular places to visit in the Maldives and Sri Lanka.

The Maldives

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Here is a list of all the places you can visit during your trip to the Maldives.

AS Cocoa Island:Among the various islands, COMO Cocoa is one of the most popular places to visit in the Maldives. With a diverse number of resorts, the island's water villas offer an enchanting experience. Surrounded by white sand, the island offers superb activities, restaurants and relaxation opportunities.
Otok Baros:For the traveler looking for a place away from the crowds, Varoš Island is a popular island amidst sun-drenched beaches and luxury resorts. Notorious for its natural elegance and pristine corals, the island of Baros offers numerous luxury amenities.
Male:The capital city offers beautifully lit buildings, bars, restaurants and other unusual tourist attractions that take more than a day to explore. Male offers numerous attractions and you must visit it.

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Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka offers plenty of places to visit. Here's a list of all the best places you can't miss!

Sigiriya:Must visit Sri Lanka; Sigiriya is an ancient city built on a steep slope, on top of which there is a plateau as high as 190 meters. The plateau, popularly known as Lion Rock, overlooks the jungle below. The place offers gardens, ponds and beautiful mountains.
Galle:Galle, one of the most popular attractions since the 17th century, was originally a fort built by Dutch settlers. The fort has a beautiful architectural style and overlooks the majestic Indian Ocean.
Kandy:Kandy, the country's second largest city, is the preeminent gateway to the central highlands, complete with tropical tea and rubber plantations. The place where the Temple of the Tooth Relic is located offers one of the most beautiful views in the country.

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Shopping Sri Lanka vs Maldives

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In the Maldives, travelers are usually seen flocking around Male to buy handicrafts, jewelry, handmade t-shirts and more. Some of the popular markets in Male are Male Local Market, Le Cute, Centro Mall, Island Bazaar, Majeedhee Magu and so on.

Sri Lanka offers a wide variety of shopping options and is popular for its gemstones, tea and batik, as well as its intricate handicrafts. Some of the most popular items among travelers are leather products, handwoven fabrics. Jewelry, ceramics and reproductions of antiques. Some of the popular places to shop are Bentota, Beruwela, Colombo and Galle and so on.

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We hope that the article will give you a clear idea about the similarities and differences between the two countries, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Known for their beauty and charm, tropical destinations offer a unique flavor. We guarantee you a pleasant experience during your staytrip to Sri Lankafroma trip to the Maldives, and both emancipate flawless beauty.

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Frequently asked questions between Sri Lanka and Maldives

When is the best time to visit the Maldives?

The best time to visit Maldives is from November to February as the weather remains pleasant and is the perfect time to explore Maldives.

What is the budget for a trip to Sri Lanka?

Travelers can expect a daily budget of 2100 to 3500 INR, which includes expenses like accommodation, transportation and food.

Do I need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka?

Yes, visitors traveling to Sri Lanka must apply for a visa in advance. In addition, visitors must possess a passport that is valid for another 6 months.

How much does a Maldives visa cost?

The tourist visa that is issued on arrival is free; however, an additional fee of INR 3350 must be paid if the visa is extended.

What are the popular places in Sri Lanka?

Some of the popular places in Sri Lanka include Dutch Fort & Negombo Lagoon, Unawatuna Beach & Japanese Peace, Colombo, Bentota Becah and several others.

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How are Sri Lanka and the Maldives different? ›

Sri Lanka is a lot more diverse as compared to the Maldives when it comes to its landscapes, nature, flora, fauna, and architecture. Celebrating a multitude of cultural traditions and customs, Sri Lanka is the perfect place to experience the urban center along with the best of nature.

Which is better Sri Lanka or Maldives? ›

Winner: Maldives. Sri Lanka has lovely beaches, but Maldives might just have the best of all!

What is the connection between Maldives and Sri Lanka? ›

The Maldives first established a mission in Sri Lanka (then the Dominion of Ceylon) in July 1965, and today has a High Commission in Colombo. Sri Lanka has a High Commission in Malé. Both countries were founding members of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) in December 1985.

What makes Maldives different from other countries? ›

It is one of the most geographically dispersed countries in the world. The capital city, Male is also the most populated city on a single island in all of South Asia. Political control by foreign powers has been limited since 1965 when it gained independence.

Why is Sri Lanka so special? ›

It is nicknamed Pearl of the Indian Ocean and teardrop of India. Sri Lanka is known for these two lovely names. Pearl of the Indian Ocean is given to this small island nation probably due to its incredible natural beauty, extraordinary biodiversity as well as its precious gemstones.

Why is Sri Lanka so unique? ›

Sri Lanka has two nicknames; the 'pearl of the Indian ocean' and the 'teardrop of India'. The country gets its first nickname due to its natural beauty, incredible biodiversity and the precious gemstones that are exported out of the country. Its second nickname is due to the country's location and its shape.

Is Sri Lanka most beautiful country? ›

Full of romantic landscapes, stirring mountains, lush green tea gardens and golden beaches, the island nation of Sri Lanka is nothing short of magnificent. The country has no shortage of beautiful awe-inspiring spots, natural, historic and cultural, each more picture-perfect than the next.

Is Sri Lanka one of the most beautiful country in the world? ›

We've always known that the gem of an island that is Sri Lanka is a spectacular place to visit. There's a never-ending list of things to see and do. And now it has earned recognition by one of the world's leading travel authorities for being one the most diverse, beautiful and captivating countries.

Is Sri Lanka worth going? ›

Without hesitation, we respond… “absolutely, yes it is.” There is really no doubt in our minds that Sri Lanka is generally one of the safest places to visit in Asia, if not the world. While the economic and political issues are by no means solved, they will no longer impinge in any way on travellers.

Why is the Maldives so special? ›

The Maldives is a tropical holiday destination in the Indian Ocean. The stunning islands are very relaxed and offer an experience which can best be described as a getaway on a desert island but with high quality accommodation, spectacular food, excellent service and an extensive range of activities.

Why are tourists attracted to Sri Lanka? ›

The smiles and hospitality of Sri Lanka are world famous and so are its spicy food, exotic fruits, and an array of sweetmeats found nowhere in the world. With so many cultures living next to each other life in Sri Lanka continues among a series of festivities throughout the year, an ideal recipe for fun and leisure.

What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka? ›

Weather: During the months of December to April, most of the island country experiences a beautiful hot and dry climate. With ample sunshine, clear blue skies and lush green landscapes, this period is considered to the best climate to visit Sri Lanka in.

What race are Maldivians? ›

Maldivians (Dhivehi pronunciation: [diˈʋehiŋ]; ދިވެހިން, dhivehin) are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group and nation native to the historic region of the Maldive Islands comprising what is now the Republic of Maldives and the island of Minicoy in Union Territory of Lakshadweep, India.

Which language do they speak in Maldives? ›

Maldivian, also known by its endonym Dhivehi or Divehi, is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in the South Asian island country of Maldives and on Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep, a union territory of India. The Maldivian language has notable dialects. The standard dialect is that of the capital city, Malé.

Why is Maldives water so blue? ›

Why Is The Maldives Water So Blue And Clear? Maldives water is known for its abundance of coral reefs. The waters of Maldives are known to consist of coral reefs and “phytoplankton” which absorbs blue and green colours from the sunlight due to which it causes clean water and you can see crystal clear reflection.

What is Sri Lanka most famous thing? ›

Sri Lanka is famous for its rich biodiversity, large cinnamon and tea exportation, and stunning natural wonders! It's also known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and has diverse cultural and religious elements across the nation. Here are some fun facts about Sri Lanka that you should know about!

Why Sri Lanka is important to USA? ›

The United States is Sri Lanka's largest export market and accounts for nearly $3 billion of the $11.7 billion of goods Sri Lanka exports annually. U.S. goods imports from Sri Lanka totaled $2.7 billion in 2018, down 6.4 percent from 2017.

What makes Sri Lanka different from other countries? ›

Sri Lankan culture is internationally associated with cricket, a distinct cuisine, an indigenous holistic medicine practice, religious iconography such as the Buddhist flag, and exports such as tea, cinnamon, and gemstones, as well as a robust tourism industry.

What is the 3 most beautiful country in the world? ›

  • New Zealand. #1 in Scenic. #11 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • Greece. #2 in Scenic. #25 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • Italy. #3 in Scenic. #14 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • Switzerland. #4 in Scenic. #1 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • Spain. #5 in Scenic. #16 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • Norway. #6 in Scenic. ...
  • Australia. #7 in Scenic. ...
  • Ireland. #8 in Scenic.

What is Sri Lanka famous food? ›

7 traditional dishes from Sri Lanka that are worth a try
  • 01/8Traditional dishes from Sri Lanka. ...
  • 02/8​Appam (Hoppers) ...
  • 03/8​Kukul Mas Curry (Chicken Curry) ...
  • 04/8​Lamprais. ...
  • 05/8​Parippu (Daal Curry) ...
  • 06/8​Fish Ambul Thiyal (Sour Fish Curry) ...
  • 07/8​Polos (Jackfruit Curry) ...
  • 08/8​Gotu Kola Sambol (Pennywort Salad)
Oct 22, 2020

What is Sri Lanka proud of? ›

Sri Lanka is known for the beauty of its natural landscape and high biodiversity, rich resources, important history, cultural wealth and friendly people. There are close to 19 million people who call Sri Lanka their home. Sri Lanka has played an important role in history as an important part of the Silk Road.

What country has the most beautiful people? ›

According to the data, people from India are considered the most attractive people in the world, followed by those from the USA and Sweden. The rest of the top five most attractive nations are Japan and Canada.

Is Sri Lanka or Thailand more beautiful? ›

If you are interested in exploring ancient ruins and diverse wildlife, Sri Lanka may be the better choice for you. If you are more interested in beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and delicious street food, Thailand may be the better choice.

Does Sri Lanka like the US? ›

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In a 2005 BBC World Service Poll, 30% of Sri Lankans view American influence positively, with 20% expressing a negative view. According to the 2012 U.S. Global Leadership Report, 14% of Sri Lankans approve of U.S. leadership, with 37% disapproving and 49% uncertain.

How many days is enough to visit Sri Lanka? ›

There's a lot to see in Sri Lanka—two weeks will allow you enough time to explore all the island's top sights or even travel to other countries in the surrounding area. However, you can still enjoy Sri Lanka in a shorter time frame.

What is the best area to stay in Sri Lanka? ›

Best places to stay in Sri Lanka
  • GALLE. (History, Food) ...
  • MIRISSA. (Beaches, Honeymoon, Nightlife, Surfing, Relaxation) ...
  • ARUGAM BAY. (Beaches, Honeymon, Nightlife, Surfing, Safari) ...
  • SINHARAJA. (Nature, Relaxation) ...
  • ELLA. (Nature, Hiking) ...
  • SIGIRIYA. (Nature, Archeology, Sightseeing) ...
  • KANDY. (Tea Plantations. ...

What food is Maldives known for? ›

Delicacies to Try in Maldives

Fried Yams, Masroshi, Fish curry, Gulha, Mas Huni, Maldivian Live Lobster, Saagu Bondibai, Reef Fish Cutlets, Bis Keemiya, Kulhi Boakibaa, Aluvi Boakibaa and many more. If you are a sweet tooth then Maldives has in store some out of the box desserts for you.

What kind of food is eaten in Maldives? ›

Since the Maldives is almost 99% sea, fish (mainly tuna) is the most important staple. The cuisine found in the island nation is a mix of Arabic, Indian, Sri Lankan, and East Asian influences.

Why is the Maldives in danger? ›

Climate change severely threatens the existence of the Maldives, as an archipelago of low-lying islands and atolls in the Indian Ocean. According to the World Bank, with "future sea levels projected to increase in the range of 10 to 100 centimeters by the year 2100, the entire country could be submerged".

Are the people in Sri Lanka friendly? ›

Whatever their situation in society, the people of Sri Lanka possess a warm and friendly nature reflected in persistent smiling faces and eagerness to help those unfamiliar with aspects of local life.

What is the famous product in Sri Lanka? ›

The most famous thing to buy in Sri Lanka is Ceylon Tea that is one of the best teas produced in the entire world. You can also buy an amazing variety of Sri Lankan spices and Ceylon sapphires for taking home as gifts from Sri Lanka.

Is Sri Lanka a welcoming country? ›

Sri Lankans tend to be noticeably hospitable and welcoming when having guests visit their homes. It is common practice to remove one's shoes before entering someone's home.

When should I go to Sri Lanka and Maldives? ›

Dec-Apr is the best time to visit the Maldives and southern Sri Lanka, as temperatures are warm and there's little rain. On the downside the Christmas period is very busy, with prices high and hotels booked up way in advance.

How much does a trip to Sri Lanka cost? ›

Sri Lanka Packages
Sri Lanka PackagesDay/NightPrice
Best of Sri Lanka - 3 cities special (Deluxe Hotels) Package7 Days/6 Nights₹56,796
Discover Sri Lanka - 3 cities special (Deluxe Hotels) Package6 Days/5 Nights₹53,439
Discover Sri Lanka - 3 cities special (Premium Hotels) Package6 Days/5 Nights₹60,961
7 more rows

What money should I take to Sri Lanka? ›

The best currency to take to Sri Lanka is the local currency, the Sri Lankan rupee. US dollars are also highly exchangeable at local banks and currency exchange offices.

Do they speak English in Maldives? ›

While the national language is Dhivehi, most Maldivians can speak English with no problems. In fact, many staff at various Maldives resorts can speak French, German, Mandarin, and other international languages.

Why do people love Maldives? ›

What is Maldives famous for? The Maldives is famous for a number of reasons, including its vibrant culture, pristine beaches, sprawling greenery, and fascinating landmarks. Apart from the numerous enchanting landmarks, Maldives is also famous for water sports and other adventure activities.

Is Maldivian black? ›

Maldivians (in general) aren't “black” or “white”, (except those Maldivians who are literally of African or Caucasian descent).

Is Maldives like Hawaii? ›

Both have white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and watersports like snorkeling, diving, sailing, swimming. Additionally, beach villas can be found in Maldives and Hawaii. Also, the culture, tourists' safety, family-friendly, romantic activities are common experiences between Hawaii and Maldives vacations.

Is Maldives rich or poor? ›

Maldives, a country of around 550,000 people dispersed across 185 islands, is an upper-middle-income country with a robust growth trajectory. The economy has recovered to pre-pandemic levels in 2022 and, with rising tourist arrivals, is expected to maintain a strong growth and poverty reduction trajectory.

What is hello in Maldives? ›

DHIVEHI (MALDIVES) Maldives Language. Hello - Assalaamu alaikum. Good morning - Baajjaveri hendhuneh.

Is it safe to swim in the water in the Maldives? ›

Swimming in the Maldives waters is generally considered to be safe. You can usually walk on the seabed for about 20 metres – where most islands have shallow waters around them. Apart from extreme water excursions, you can always go for a casual swim in the warm water that will relax your body immediately.

Are there any mosquitoes in Maldives? ›

While malaria is very uncommon in the Maldives, the country does have seasonal outbreaks of dengue. This disease can now be prevented by the new method of eradicating the mosquito population. So next time you visit Summer Island Maldives, see if you can spot the mosquito traps deployed discreetly around the island.

Is it OK to drink water in Maldives? ›

Can I drink tap water in the Maldives? Water sanitation varies greatly from island to island in the Maldives. In the capital, the tap water is desalinated sea water, and while it doesn't taste great, it's safe to drink.

What are the cultural differences in Maldives? ›

Being an island nation, Maldives' culture is based on the island lifestyle and revolves around the sea. The culture of Maldives is influenced by the cultures of the Indians, Africans, Arabs and the Sri Lankans. Maldivians have assimilated parts of all these and built a culture that is unique.

Why is Maldives so unique? ›

Home to mind-boggling biodiversity, the Maldives particularly excels on the megafauna front – great hammerheads, whale sharks, lemon sharks, silky sharks, tiger sharks, sunfish, spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, the largest population of reef manta rays on the planet – all of which are protected under ...

What is unique about Maldives? ›

Maldives is the World's Flattest Country

This beautiful island country has an average altitude of 1.8 metres: its highest point Villingili Island, is only 2.3 metres above sea level. To put things in perspective, the next flattest country ‒ Qatar ‒ already has an average elevation of 28 metres above sea level!

How clean is Sri Lanka? ›

In 2019 the population was estimated as being almost 22 million people. According to the data present on IQAir, Sri Lanka presented with a “Moderate” figure for aircleanliness in 2019, with a US AQI figure of 78.

Is dating allowed in Sri Lanka? ›

Dating someone is normal. Breaking up with them is normal. Dating someone else afterwards is normal. But when asking someone in a relationship if they have informed their parents about it, the answer usually tends to be a resounding ''NO!

What kind of food do they eat in Sri Lanka? ›

The central feature of Sri Lankan cuisine is boiled or steamed rice, served with a curry of fish or meat, along with other curries made with vegetables, lentils, or fruits. Dishes are accompanied by pickled fruits or vegetables, chutneys, and sambols.

What makes Maldives popular? ›

With over 1,000 islands, this archipelago has become a top favourite among tourists, especially as a honeymoon destination. Its white sandy beaches, sparkling blue water, and beautiful sunsets make it a perfect getaway.

What is the race of Maldivians? ›

Maldivians (Dhivehi pronunciation: [diˈʋehiŋ]; ދިވެހިން, dhivehin) are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group and nation native to the historic region of the Maldive Islands comprising what is now the Republic of Maldives and the island of Minicoy in Union Territory of Lakshadweep, India.

Is Maldives only for the rich? ›

Travelers who didn't identify as rich (or royal) were SOL. Today, however, the the 1,200-island nation is all about being inclusive, with 1,000-plus guesthouses and Airbnbs.


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