Online visa application (2023)

How to extend a short visit visa.

A visitor wishing to stay in Sri Lanka for more than 30 days can apply for an extension. A short visit visa can be extended up to 270 days from the date of arrival in three consecutive cases, i.e. 30 days on entry, 60 days on the first extension and 90 days on the second and third extensions.

An application for an extension must be submitted to the Visa Section of the Department of Immigration and Emigration (Headquarters) by visiting the department. You can also go through the online visa extension portale-Visa extensionRequests can be made for an extension of up to 6 months. If you are unable to use any of the above, you may submit requests through an authorized agent to the department

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How can I increase my chances of getting a visa? ›

You can increase your chances of travel visa approval by providing a comprehensive overview of your finances on your application. This could include bank statements, pay stubs showing a steady income, or proof of assets.

What if I made a mistake on my visa application? ›

Like Department of Labor applications, most visa applications are done online. If you have made a mistake on a "DS-160" form that you submitted to get a "nonimmigrant" visa, you can reopen your application from the database by entering the application ID and providing identifying information.

How do online visa applications work? ›

An e-visa is a paperless version of a traditional visa. The application for an e-visa takes place virtually. The applicant completes an online form on which they indicate their identity and the purpose and length of their stay. The applicant also submits copies of their supporting documents online.

What is the most common visa rejection? ›

The Most Common Reasons For A Visa Denial

Incomplete or inaccurate forms. Insufficient financial proof. False information or misrepresentation. Lack of ties to your home country.

What is the easiest visa to get approved? ›

According to data for 2021, the easiest visas to apply for in 2022 and their rejection rates are as follows:
  • Hungary – 4.8 per cent out of 70,269 applications.
  • Estonia – 5.4 per cent out of 40,657 applications.
  • Poland – 5.6 per cent out of 41,891 applications.
  • Greece – 6.3 per cent out of 295,634 applications.

What is the fastest way to get a visa to USA? ›

The F-1 visa is one of the fastest visas to process. In fact, the F-1 visa is often processed immediately before your embassy interview. The interview is the last step of the application process. By the end of the interview, the consular officer should tell you whether or not your application was approved.

Can I redo my US visa application? ›

Although it's true that the State Department does not provide a way to go back and change an already submitted DS-160, you can go online to submit a new, corrected DS-160, print the new confirmation page, and bring that to your interview at the consulate or embassy.

What are the common mistakes in visa? ›

Incorrect details on the visa application form – such as the name or passport number or date of birth not appearing as it is in the passport, are common errors. While this might seem obvious, most people tend to write information that is inconsistent with their official documents or identity proof.

How long does it take to get a US visa online? ›

Visa processing takes approximately 21 workdays from the date on which the application is received by the Embassy.

How long does it take to get a visa online? ›

It takes from 3 to 5 weeks for a US visa application to get processed. After the processing, the applicant can get a positive reply on their application, and the consulate will deliver the document. The delivery of the visa can take up to two other workdays.

Can visa status be checked online? ›

Once you have submitted a visa application, you can check its status online.

How can I avoid US visa rejection? ›

Your passport must be valid for more than 6 months from the date of travel. Submitting invalid or damaged passports are often a common reason for US visa rejection. Also, ensure your passport has minimum two blank pages.

What percentage of visas are approved? ›

Of 25,714 applicants, 21,943 were approved. B-2 Tourist Visa: The Tourist Visa, also known as B-2, is one of the most common and easiest visas to obtain. In 2022, the U.S. tourist visa approval rate was 68.86%. Out of 8,575 applicants, 5,905 were approved.

What disqualifies you from getting a US visa? ›

An applicant's current and/or past actions, such as drug or criminal activities, as examples, may make the applicant ineligible for a visa. If denied a visa, in most cases the applicant is notified of the section of law which applies.

Which US visa is most powerful? ›

O-1 Visa: Individuals of Extraordinary Ability or Achievement.

Which visa is the strongest? ›

RankCountryVisa-free score
2Singapore, South Korea192
3Germany, Spain190
4Finland, Italy, Luxembourg189
6 more rows
Jan 11, 2023

Which visa application is fastest? ›

The Super Priority Visa service is the fastest way to secure a visa decision. This service will give eligible customers a decision by the end of the next working day after their appointment at the visa application centre.

Which visa is easy to get in USA? ›

A citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter the United States must, in most cases, first obtain a visa to do so. This can be either a nonimmigrant visa for a temporary stay or an immigrant visa for permanent residence. For many, a "B" visitor visa is the easiest and most appropriate one to get.

Is it hard to get a visa to the USA? ›

It's fair to say that the U.S. visa application process is complex and requires specific information. If the applicant does not meet all requirements for the visa they are applying for, or if they failed to provide the consular with all the required information, it can lead to a visa denial.

Which state is easiest to get a green card? ›

What Are the Most Immigrant Friendly States in the USA?
  • 8 — Washington.
  • 7 — District of Columbia.
  • 6 — Georgia.
  • 5 — Maryland.
  • 4 — New Jersey.
  • 3 — New York.
  • 2 — Illinois.
  • 1 — California.

Can I get U.S. visa without interview? ›

Important Notice: Visa Fee Validity

Applicants must schedule an in-person or interview waiver appointment during this 365-day period.

What if U.S. visa is rejected twice? ›

It's important to note that if your visa application is denied, you must reapply for a new visa. You cannot simply resubmit the same application. In addition, if you have been found liable for fraud or misrepresentation on a previous application, you will be permanently ineligible for a visa.

Can I have two U.S. visa applications? ›

You may apply for two different visas at the same time if you can show that you will enter the United States on the first visa, leave and re-enter on the other. You are required to complete one visa application form DS-160 but pay two MRV fees; the second fee is paid to the Embassy cashier on the day of the interview.

How many visas are denied each year? ›

More than 4 million visa applications are denied each year by the U.S. government for a wide variety of reasons. For instance, a person's visa application may have been denied based on the fact that they did not meet the specific qualifications of the type of visa for which they applied.

Why sometimes visa gets rejected? ›

Reasons for Visa Refusal

If you have a past history of criminal activities against you. If you apply for a visa without a valid justification on a short notice. If your country of residence does not have does not have a good relationship with your destination country. If you have infectious diseases.

How bad is visa rejection? ›

Getting rejected is one of the most heartbreaking things when applying for a visa. A rejected visa means you are denied entry into the country you applied to visit. Here are a few reasons that may lead to a rejection of your visa application: You have not filled out the application form appropriately.

Can I add more documents after submitting visa application? ›

You can attach documents to your visa application after you have submitted and paid for your application, up until it is finalised. For some visa application types (Visitor and Temporary Work Short Stay Specialist) you will be required to attach documents before you proceed to pay and submit your application.

Can I make a new DS-160 after submitting? ›

Can I reuse the DS-160? Yes, you can use information from a previously submitted DS-160 to populate some fields on a new form.

Can I delete a visa application before submission? ›

Cancel your Visa, Immigration or Citizenship Application

You can ask to cancel (withdraw) an application for a visa, visa extension or citizenship. You'll get a refund of the immigration health surcharge if you cancel before a decision has been made about your application. You may get a refund of the application fee.

How do I know if my visa is approved? ›

At the end of your immigrant visa interview, the consular officer will inform you whether your visa application is approved or denied. Some visa applications require further administrative processing, which takes additional time after the visa applicant's interview by a consular officer.

How do I know if my U.S. visa is approved? ›

Check the Status of Your Visa

You can check the status of your application any time at this website: Please wait at least three business days following your visa interview to check on the status of your application.

How long does online nonimmigrant visa application DS 160 take? ›

The first step in applying for a U.S. nonimmigrant visa is to complete your application. It takes approximately 90 minutes to do this. After you submit your application, you can move on to the next steps such as scheduling your interview.

How long does U.S. visa processing take? ›

The entire visa application processing takes somewhere between two weeks and four months, depending on the type of visa. Please check what visa category you are going to need to have enough time left for the application process.

What is the current wait time for U.S. visa appointment? ›

Current US Visa Appointment Wait times in New Delhi
Non-immigrant US Visa TypeAppointment Wait Time
Interview Required Petition-Based Temporary Workers (H, L, O, P, Q)28 Days
Dropbox/ Interview Waiver Visitors (B1/B2)95 Days
Dropbox/ Interview Waiver Students/Exchange Visitors (F, M, J)17 Days
3 more rows

What is the waiting time for U.S. visa? ›

Important Notice: Except in cases of emergency travel (i.e. serious illnesses, injuries, or deaths in your immediate family), before making inquiries about status of administrative processing, applicants should wait at least 180 days from the date of interview or submission of supplemental documents, whichever is later ...

How long after visa interview will I get my visa? ›

Overview. After your visa interview, you will be told if your visa application is approved, denied, or requires administrative processing. If your visa is approved, you can collect the visa and passport the following business day from 3:00 to 3:30 p.m. only.

How do you answer visa status question? ›

How should I answer the visa question? You should answer the question in an honest, direct, clear, concise and confident manner. If you are nervous or unsure, the employer will pick up on these signals and may not be able to stay focused on your skills and qualifications. Avoid excessive detail.

What does no status mean on visa application? ›

No status: Is displayed when you have not yet completed your visa interview. Ready means that your case is still open and ready for further processing. This could mean your interview is scheduled, documents still need to be submitted or you need to complete your biometrics.

How do you increase your chances of getting a U.S. visa? ›

Here are few suggested proof of ties:
  1. Employment. Having a job in your home country will not guarantee to have your visa issued. ...
  2. Family Obligation. ...
  3. Property and Personal Asset. ...
  4. Community Involvement. ...
  5. Travel History.

Can you apply again if your visa is denied? ›

If your travel visa is denied, it is not possible to appeal the decision, but you can reapply in the future. If you choose to reapply, you will need to submit a new travel visa application (Form DS-160), pay the filing fee again, and attend another visa interview.

What do U.S. visa officers see on their screen? ›

They will focus on particular area of concern of what they deemed as the loophole in your application. They are able to see through the red flags, according to your answers to the officer's probing questions. They'll be able to read your body language, spot hesitations and inconsistencies.

What is the red flag for U.S. visa? ›

If the visa officer sees that you had little money over a span of a few months, but made a large deposit right before the visa interview, a red flag rises in the mind of the visa officer. Prepare for this in advance as you plan for your trip to the U.S.

Which country's visa is the hardest to get? ›

North Korea

The country does not offer visa exemption to any nationality apart from holders of a People's Republic of China passport. All other nationals must be traveling on a guided tour that starts in China to get a visa for North Korea, and adhere to strict rules during their visit.

How do I get a successful U.S. visa? ›

Tips For A Successful Visa Interview
  2. ENGLISH. ...
  5. BE BRIEF. ...

What happens if you are denied entry to the US? ›

When you get to the airline counter, three things could happen: They apply your return ticket to your flight back. They add a fee to change your return flight date. They require you to buy a full-fare ticket.

Why is getting a US visa so difficult? ›

Today, most lawful means of entering the country take years because of overwhelmed immigration agencies, rising levels of global migration and a limit on the number of certain visas, all of which have culminated in a massive backlog of people trying to get to the U.S.

What not to say in a visa interview? ›

Don'ts During the Visa Interview Process

'Like, Umm, I guess' – Try to avoid using conversation fillers such as 'Like', 'Ummmm', or 'I guess' in a sentence when you are responding to a question. Pay close attention to the questions asked and respond with just the answer. Keep in short and simple.

What makes visa successful? ›

Visa makes its profits by selling services as a middleman between financial institutions and merchants. The company does not profit from the interest charged on Visa-branded card payments, which instead goes to the card-issuing financial institution.

Why do people get denied visas? ›

Being Unprepared for the Visa Interview

Failing to show up for your interview on time, being unable to answer the interviewing officer's questions, or misrepresenting yourself during the interview can all lead to a visa denial.

How can I avoid visa rejection? ›

So, here are some practical tips to avoid student visa rejection:
  1. Submit your application on time: Applying early increases your chances of approval. ...
  2. Double-check your documents: Ensure that you have all the required documents for your student visa application and review them meticulously.
Jun 16, 2023

How many times can you be denied a US visa? ›

There is no limit to the number of times you can apply for a U.S. visa after rejection.

What is the success rate of USA visa? ›

This includes all programs which lead up to a degree, diploma, or certificate. Getting an F1 visa is not easy, despite the fact that it is a student visa. The F1 student visa approval rate was around 80% in 2022. You can apply for it only after confirmation of admission from any accredited US colleges.

How long does it take for US visa to be approved? ›

If a visa application is approved during a visa interview, the average processing time is 7-10 working days. At least a further 2-3 workdays should be allowed for delivery. If you are eligible for the 'Interview Waiver Program' and submit your application by courier without attending an interview.

How can I impress a US visa officer? ›

The tips below are intended to help you prepare for your visa interview at the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate in your home country.
  1. Ties to Home Country. ...
  2. English. ...
  3. Speak for Yourself. ...
  4. Know the Program and How it Fits Your Career Plans. ...
  5. Be Concise. ...
  6. Supplemental Documentation. ...
  7. Not All Countries Are Equal. ...
  8. Employment.

How do I get a successful visa interview? ›

Tips For A Successful Visa Interview
  2. ENGLISH. ...
  5. BE BRIEF. ...

Does your visa get rejected? ›

Your visa application might be rejected if you had previously travelled to the country and were involved in unacceptable activities. Also, your application will be rejected if you do not have good relations with the country for any reason.


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