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Are you looking for experienced house builders in Sri Lanka?

Please contact the engineer: 0702 222 111

Houses of Kedellis here to help you realize your dream home..Housing companyhe delivered his first home in 2006 and has designed and built hundreds of them

  • Houses
  • holiday homes
  • Guest houses
  • Bungalows
  • Tourist bungalows
  • Apartments
  • host family
  • Cabana's
  • Cottages
  • Holiday houses
  • Holiday bungalows
  • Resorts

in Kaluthara, Negombo, Chilaw, Hambanthota, Galle, Gampaha, Badulla and around Sri Lanka. Most of the clients plan to build in Colombo and Kandy districts. From architectural design, building construction, home renovations, extensions/additions and renovations, we have options. Our goal is to help companies fromArchitecture and high-rise construction. To solve this, we use different approaches to the way we design and build homes.

We offer quality housing and top-quality construction at a minimal price

Everything we do is designed to capitalize on the potential to deliver high quality homes and excellent building work, from custom new home design, renovations, rebuilds and remodels. Our portfolio showcases a surprising range of styles, from modern Craftsman homes to grand palaces. We build houses in Colombo or outside Colombo. The company also serves Kurunegala, Negombo, Anuradapura, Matale, Nuwara Eliya, Kegalle and Rathnapura.

We are among the cheap house builders in Sri Lanka

From the beginning, it has always been our goal to create completely satisfied homeowners.So many looks, so many styles. So many quality homes from one impressive brand. Today, Kedella Homes is recognized as one of the best budget house builders in Sri Lanka. We've built places that people are proud to call home. This oneaffordable housingprove that building an impressive project with a small budget is possible.

We are very good in the housing industry and have a team of experts including Chartered Architects, Chartered Civil Engineers, Civil Engineers, Surveyors, Land Surveyors, Town Planners for all design and construction related work. You can use their help and suggestions to make your dream home. Once you complete the building plans and construction drawings, you can hand over all your construction work to these experts who will work day and night to get your work done as quickly as possible. You can easily rely on us and do all other work freely because these experts are highly qualified and have good experience in their work.

We offer a range of construction services

13 years of fieldwork has strengthened Kedella Homes into a powerhouse in the construction industry in Sri Lanka. The company, run by three shareholders includingEngineer Amil Perera, meticulously maps out every detail of construction work to build the client's dream home with the utmost accuracy and minimal roadblocks. Her specialty includes a range of construction services: Construction

  • New houses
  • hotel
  • Vile
  • To the restaurant
  • Cabana's
  • Cottages
  • Holiday houses
  • Holiday bungalows

Other office buildings including

  • Buildings for financial companies
  • Industrial buildings
  • Resorts and commercial facilities

Complete transparency and a hassle-free experience are guaranteed to our clients who hire Kedella Homes. Additionally, Kedella Homes ensures that each build fits the homeowner's budget and lifestyle, delivering homes that make sense for each client.

Different lifestyles and special constructions are the signature of Kedell Homes

If you need inspiration for your dream paradise, you can start by looking at the spectacular Kedella houses built in itHanthana(The featured project is a three-story, 5,364-square-foot home that blends classic with modern, adding durable and stable structural aspects to its construction) andKandy(This design prowess can be seen in Peradeniya, Kandy had a modern take on the box style with a predominantly white color palette as seen in the terrace beams, roof and exterior paint). Both are perfect examples of excellent Kedella Homes design in prime locations!

Housing development in Sri Lanka

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When do you want to move into your new home?

Choose "Kedella Homes" - The best craftsman for your new home

It can take eight to 12 months from the time you buy land, choose your home design and start talking to home builders, to the time you finalize your choices, get a loan, draw up blueprints, build the house, build and eventually move.

Choosing the best home design and construction company for your needs and the type of new home you are looking for is one of the most important decisions you will make in the process of designing and building your home.

Choosing the best custom home builder for you and your project is critical to its success. Remember that you will probably be working together for 6-12 months; so as in any relationship, there must be trust and clear, honest communication

Kedella Homes is one of thoseBest House Builders in Sri Lanka (0702 222 111)

We operate not only as house builders in Sri Lanka but also as the best house designers in Sri Lanka. Our licensed architects and structural engineers deliver the best, attractive, suitable and cost-effective house designs and structural plans that have a lasting impact on our creations.

We build individual houses, beautiful villas and duplex apartments in Sri Lanka at the most economical and affordable budget prices.

The perfect place to start building your new home

Please contact Kedella Homes on 0702 222 111

Your dream home may be waiting for you in one of our pre-designed house plans

Check out our collection of house plans. Each has a description of the house, photos and a floor plan. Some also offer a tour of the real built Kedell houses. This way, you can experience what it's like to walk around the map from your lazy chair. Once you've found a plan you want to get started with, book a coffee at one of oursEngineers (0702 222 111)and we will help you on your way to building your dream home.

We understand that building a house in Sri Lanka means working with land that is not always flat and square. Our house plans are designed to make the most of your space regardless of size, shape or challenges.

The pre-designed plans are fully customizable and can be tailored to your needs and budget. Our home designers can work with you to fine-tune your chosen plan so you can create your dream home. Use the floor plan as inspiration and adapt it to your lifestyle; add a room, move the living room, change the roof or extend the outdoor space.

Of course, there are some limitations. If you need too many changes to your plans to achieve your vision, it may be easier to start from scratch. In that case, contact usHome designers (0702 222 111)- this is the perfect way to design a unique home that meets your needs and budget.

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What does your decision mean for your planning and construction schedule?

Kedella House Design and Construction has carried out numerous residential projects of different nature.

We have the necessary professional experience in construction, architecture, interior design, civil engineering, skilled workforce as well as project management to bring all our residential projects to successful completion.

From the initial project brief, conceptual architecture and interior design, submission to local authorities (Pradeshiya sabha, Urban Council, Municipal Council and Urban Development Authority), obtaining the necessary development approvals/permits, to actual quality construction, project management and final delivery, Kedella House Design and construction are actually oneDesign and construction expert in one place (0702 222 111)that works according to your needs, wishes and budget. From liaising on your behalf with the relevant authorities, to clearing the site area required for work to commence, our aim is to make your dream development a reality with minimal effort.

Sustainable building practices, excellent craftsmanship and caring service at an affordable price

Kedella Homes strictly adheres to the best building practices and guidelines set by the Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDA: successor to ICTAD). We don't believe in cutting corners or compromising on quality, materials, construction and workmanship. After all, a home is probably one of the biggest investments you can make in your life, and we make sure our work reflects that - an inspired space and environment that you and your family call home, and a space you'd be proud of family, friends and peers.

Find out more about our wide range of architectural design, construction and construction services.

Building a new home takes time, but living in your dream home is worth it.
Contact person: 0702 222 111

We provide specialized architectural and residential construction services

Hesitating between an architect or a design and construction agency? Make the best of itBoth worlds (design and construction)with Kedella Homes (simple, elegant, timeless).

Construction planning is key – especially when building something! Establishing a clear budget and expectations happens during our first meetings. This helps Kedella Homes understand your requirements (everyone has a wish list), you can understand the design and construction process, formulate a brief and budget for your home.

We understand that we design your dream home, not ours. Our proven design philosophy embraces what's important to you and how you live. Whether you start your design from scratch or customize one of our Ready to Build plans, at Kedella Homes you'll get a home you love that's uniquely yours.

Our main objective is to bridge the construction requirements of our valued customers and be a "one stop solution" offering a wide range of value added services in a very easy and personal way. We pride ourselves on being one of the best new home builders in Kandy, Sri Lanka with the ability and capacity to tailor residential houses, homes, villas, guest houses, flats according to building plans, structural plans, exterior elevation plans and interior decorations that are loved by our valued customers.

Kedella Homes establishes its identity as a master of custom homes and architectural works

All our houses are designed by the best architects and engineers in Sri Lanka

MiDesign with you. Built for you. That is our message. But while we understand the power of personalizing architecture, we also encourage you to think bigger than that. We have experience in combining great design with efficient construction! We want to make architecture more accessible to everyone building a new home. Don't worry if you and your family have conflicting ideas! We are well versed in interpreting different views. The more you discuss the design of your new home, the more ideas you can come up with.

We help you design your new home
  • Determine the size of your house
  • Are there any restrictions on the possible size of your home?
  • How many floors do you want your house to have?
  • What rooms (master bedroom, guest bedroom, office, etc...) do you need?
  • Do you want an open interior layout? Or separate areas?
  • What aspects of your lifestyle do you want to incorporate into your home?
  • Consider the type of layout (floor plan) you want
  • What structural features do you want in each room?
  • Determine your design and style preferences (traditional, modern, box houses, etc...)
  • Are there any special features you want to include? (Fireplaces, shrine, washroom, etc.)
  • Green design, modern design or traditional design?
  • Which of the following spaces do you need/want?
  • Formal and/or informal living spaces, Home office, Formal dining room, Children's playroom, Media room/TV room, Separate laundry room, Home gym, Garage (if yes, for how many cars?), Basement and/or attic, Workshop,

Kedella Homes also has pre-designed homes from 1 to 7 bedrooms that can be customized with features to suit your lifestyle.

As a leading residential construction company in Sri Lanka, we build your lifestyle in your home

Do you have recreational activities to consider? This is a new home - so you can design it to fit your lifestyle! If you are an avid cyclist, you will need a place to store your bikes. If you're a musician, maybe a soundproof studio space. If you are an artist, you can build a custom studio. Or if you are a woodworker, you can create the perfect workshop. Whether you're a surfer, skier or artist, you can make your home work for you.

Do you want a bookshelf? Do you want wall space for bookshelves or built-in wardrobes?

We bring your building plans to life

We provide specialized services as Best Architects in Sri Lanka, Best House Builders in Sri Lanka, Best Construction Contractors in Sri Lanka, Best Chartered Civil Engineers in Sri Lanka, Best Civil Engineers in Sri Lanka and Best Civil Engineers in Sri Lanka. Our clients rate our services as "excellent value for money" and have positioned us as one of the best house builders in Sri Lanka, compared to the vast majority of house builders.(Contact: 0702 222 111)

We plan the housing project in detail before starting construction

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing structure, creating a new home is a journey of discovering who you are, what you want, how you want to live and where you want to be. It is an opportunity to define your relationship to the world, your family and yourself. Creating a home is more than building a "3 bedroom, 2 bath" home. It is much more than the sum of its parts. As with any trip, you'll want to do some research and plan your trip. You want to have an idea of ​​what the end result should be and how much it will cost. And while you'll no doubt be able to do it on your own, having a seasoned and experienced guide guiding you is likely to mean a more enjoyable, enriching and overall better trip.

With a home builder, you do business with integrity

When you work with Kedella Homes, you're dealing with a homebuilder with integrity and a commitment to consistently delivering high-quality craftsmanship. The clients we work with recognize our commitment to achieving the best possible result for them. There are many things to consider when building a new home. Satisfactory,you are in safe hands with Kedella Homes.

We build architecturally sound houses and provide quality customer service

Our wide range of inspirational home plans can be built to your design or tailored to suit your needs. Combining your personality with our architects and home designers. Kedella Homes creates a living space that reflects your individual needs and personality and is tailored to your family.

Cheap housing in Sri Lanka

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View completed homes from Sri Lanka's leading home builder

We can all imagine what a perfect home could look like. We often want to give our own meaning and make it a reflection of ourselves. To get this, consider buying new land and building it from the ground up

Our goal is simple: deliver a home you'll love and an experience you'll cherish. From traditional to modern apartments, connected to the city grid or independent and off the grid, our homes are built exactly the way you want them. See photos of the newly completed Kedella homes.

Construction companies in Sri Lanka

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How much does it cost to build a house? /(Price of building a house in Sri Lanka)

Cost of building a house per square meter in Sri Lanka

When looking at cost per square foot or cost per square foot to build a home, always ask what is included and what is not excluded. We have seen proposals with prices per square meter without foundation.

If we say that residential construction in Sri Lanka is between 3500 and 5500 rupees, you would be looking at a beautiful house of 120 m² to 190 m². That's a big difference, but a lot depends on the design style of the house, material specifications and ease of work on the site (including foundation work). There will be many variables in your final cost depending on where you live, total square footage, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, type of flooring, wardrobes, appliances, etc. So we recommend that you contact Kedella Homes and discuss going through the brief, site and budget in order to understand what is affordable. In addition to the price of your land, costs vary significantly depending on location and all of your design choices and interior and exterior finishes.

The average cost of building a house in Sri Lanka

The average house construction cost is between Rs.4500/= to Rs.6600/= per square meter depending on your location, size of the house and whether modern or custom designs are used. A new residential construction for a 2000 sq ft house will cost Rs. 9000000/= to Rs.13200000/= on an average.

If you choose to design to order, your dream home will be only 70% or less of your final cost. Then you have to consider land cost, financing, lot completion, landscaping, and more.

Be aware that some house builders in Sri Lanka overcharge and hide important details to get your project. Don't be fooled.

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How is the contractor paid?

You have to be paid in installments, at every stage of building the house.

As each phase is completed, from leveling the terrain and pouring the concrete slab that serves as the foundation, through the installation of the house structure, through the installation of electrical, HVAC and other systems, through the installation of drywall, to the installation of "hard surfaces". " in the house, your lender (bank) will send an inspector to check that the work has been completed at that stage, before the funds are disbursed.0702 222 111

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How much does it cost to build a house in Sri Lanka?

The average cost of building a 3 bedroom house is between Rs.8800000/= to Rs.13800000/= while the cost of building a 4 bedroom house is around Rs.11000000/= to Rs.16100000/= amount and the cost of building a small house with 2 bedroom is around Rs.6300000/= to Rs.8600000/=.

When looking at the cost of building your own home, the average prices we've listed here are just an average, and with a number of adjustments possible, there's a chance that the final price for your home could vary significantly depending on where you live and the options you choose.

Kedella Homes "Custom Home Builder in Sri Lanka" can develop anything you want once you have all the design features in the blueprint. Get in touch0702 222 111

With more than 1,000 home designs and home options to choose from, Kedella Homes offers nearly endless customization options for new home buyers. Starting house price of Rs.8800000/=.

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Your most trusted house builder in Sri Lanka has a range of houses

A proven product when it comes to designing, building and developing homes, Kedella Home Builders is one of the best available in Sri Lanka

While some homebuilders specialize in a certain type of home, price range or style, Kedella Homes builds a wide range of homes and has created a brand that represents trust, reliability and innovation, across all of our domains. We help clients realize their dream homes that are not only built to the highest quality, but are also cost effective.

Kedella Homes started in 2006 with home design as its main focus. With our dedicated staff including Chartered Architects, Architects, Chartered Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Surveyors, Land Surveyors, 3D Designers, Surveyors, we have 13 years of experience in providing residential construction in Sri Lanka.

House Builders in Sri Lanka

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House Builders in Sri Lanka| Housing| Kedella (10)

We design and build houses from the homeowner's perspective

When you are building your new home, Kedella Homes works with you around an agreed delivery date. Additionally, on request we can provide you with a quote that includes all preliminary amounts and finally offer fixed price contracts to ensure your build stays within budget. That way, you know how much your new home will cost before construction begins. In 13 years, Kedella Homes has never failed to practically complete a home and we want you to move into your new home and enjoy it from day one.

Combining your personality and our expertise, we can build you a home that perfectly suits the changing needs of you and your family.

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Build your dream home with one of Sri Lanka's leading house builders

Living in your own house is nothing less than a dream and of course requires a huge amount of money, so fulfill this dream with reliable house builders in Sri Lanka who can give you value for money. Yes, we know you might be thinking which cheap house builder to trust because this is a very serious business and you cannot give the job to just anyone. Doing homework should be done with great care and attention.

The best house building company in Sri Lanka

Kedella Homes, "one of the best housing companies in Sri Lanka", is committed to designing and building beautiful homes. Due to constant innovation and improvement, we increasingly prioritize real estate construction. Clients are very satisfied with our first-class quality of services and timely completion of housing projects. So don't wait and don't hesitate to fulfill your dream of living in your own beautiful home. Build your home according to your desire and according to your wallet with the most reliable housing company - Kedella Homes. If you want to know more about our services, call them today on 0702 222 111.

Costs of building a house
How much does it cost to build a house from scratch?

Costs of materials and labor for building a house

Building a new home is the biggest investment most people will make in their lifetime, so it's important to get it right the first time. An understandable question they ask us: "How much does it cost to build a house?". As you might imagine, it's not an easy question to answer. But we will teach you how. Below we cover all the costs of building a house in demolition.

  • House architecture work (architectural design costs), construction engineer costs, permit costs (local authority approvals, building plan approvals, NBRO and other permits)
  • Loan costs and insurance costs (new construction loans or home renovation/extension loans)
  • Site preparation costs including paving
  • Excavation, extraction of roots, soil filling and soil compaction
  • Foundation, slabs and columns
  • Masonry made of stone or blocks
  • Installation of electrical installations and lighting fixtures
  • Roof, ceiling, gutters, curtains and drainage pipes
  • Gypsum interior and exterior walls
  • Floor tiles and wall tiles
  • Carpentry (doors, windows and handrails)
  • Connection to water supply and sewerage
  • Bathroom accessories and accessories
  • Built-in appliances and counter/storage
  • Aluminum or UPVC windows and sliding doors
  • Elastic floors/wooden floors
  • Utilities (electricity, water, telecom and others)
  • Entrance doors and gates
  • Creation of fill pits, septic tanks, garbage pits and waste water pits
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Finishing carpentry Work and material
  • Unforeseen costs - Eg: Hiring the most experienced and qualified experts in each discipline will make the process as less stressful as possible!
  • Overhead and final cleaning

We create a set of detailed building plans/drawings, time schedule, payment plan, material specification and BOQ for your proposed home

As you can see, building a new house is a long process and there are so many construction activities. You and your contractor (Kedella Homes) will need to work as a team to ensure construction runs smoothly and there are no surprises on the way to your dream home.

The best way to ensure that your home is built the way you want it is to have a set of detailed building plans/drawings.

These plans not only show what the house will look like, but also show:

  • Construction material specifications
  • Construction method
  • Civil Engineers Specifications
  • that the design of the house complies with the parts of the building code relating to life safety and fire

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How to stay on budget when building a house

Additional cost factors to consider

When looking at the prices to build your new home, the average prices discussed earlier are only averages, and with a number of customizations available, there is a possibility that the final price for your home could vary significantly depending on where your home is built and the different options which you choose. Some of the more significant price implications include

  • Land price (land price)
  • Size of the house (total area of ​​the house - more square meters means higher cost)
  • Number of floors (number of floors) - The cost of designing, building and developing a house with two or more floors will add to your total costs
  • Construction of swimming pools, terraces, fences and landscaping can add thousands of rupees to your price
  • The quality of equipment and finish will affect your overall budget. Adding high-quality granite slabs, decorative stone to walls or hardwood floors will incur additional costs
  • Type of roof - The design of the roof drastically changes the price of the roof

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House Builders in Sri Lanka| Housing| Kedella (14)

Costs of building a small house

Maybe you've always dreamed of owning your own home. You've weighed the pros and cons of building or buying, and you've decided to build! Congratulations! Living in a smaller home is the biggest step you can take to change your life. With fewer accounts, less space to fill (and clean). That's how much it actually costs to build your own tiny home

In fact, it all boils down to the costs and fees of building plans, location, housing materials and labor. The cost of building a small house is around 5000 rupees per square meter. Small houses of around 600 sq ft cost an average of around Rs.3000000/= to Rs.3500000/= to build (with upgrade options available). But it is possible to have onea small housefor less than Rs.3000000/=

Kedella Homes "The Home Building Company" works closely with potential clients to build tiny homes that clearly reflect their passions and priorities. For more information, please call: 0702 222 111.

Checklist for building a new home

you have much more control and influence over the project when you build a new home with your chosen home builder. However, you also have a greater degree of responsibility and decisions to make along the way. Unless you are very familiar with everything that needs to be done, the following checklist will help you navigate the home building process with confidence.

  • Make a budget
  • Buy a property
  • Select the construction method
  • Develop plans or designs
  • Obtaining Permits (House Plan Approval, Building Permit, NBRO Approval, Central Environment Authority Approval etc.) (Note that Kedella Homes removes all the headaches associated with undertaking any house building project here in Sri Lanka as we we take care of everything including preparing and submitting blueprints to local councils including Pradeshiya Shaba, City Council and Town Councils for approval, providing construction estimates and carrying out all other activities required to get your project off the ground.Our approach ensures that our clients get the best value for money in the shortest possible time possible time.
  • Start building
  • Request a Certificate of Compliance (COC) - (a document certified by the local authority that the building meets the required specifications)
  • Complete landscaping

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House Builders in Sri Lanka| Housing| Kedella (16)

We do home improvements and repairs (renovation, extension and conversion of houses)

Kedella Homes is your builder in Sri Lanka for projects of all sizes

We help you adapt your home to your lifestyle by renovating or extending your home. A well thought out home extension or renovation ensures that every room in your home is just right for you.

  • Customize your house plan to change the layout or add extra space
  • Add value with innovative kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • Stay on top of repairs with home renovation services
  • If you are overwhelmed and don't know where to goTalk to Kedella Homes early to get started (0702 222 111). Kedella Homes is passionate about the home design phase. At this early stage, communication is especially important. That way, you know exactly what you're signing before your renovation begins.

    Kedella Homes really listens to all your ideas. We take the time to understand what you want to achieve with your renovation. After listening to your short list/wish list and what's nice and must have, we guide you to the best option.

    As a specialist housebuilder, Kedella Homes can help whether you want to build a second floor through the roof, change the layout of your home to improve circulation or need a new kitchen or bathroom.

    Do I need permission or change plans?

    All Built takes care of the consent process to make sure everything is approved by the council before construction starts. All Built can be based on your architect's plans or show you where you can get plans.

    We take care of the complete renovation

    You don't have to worry about arranging tradesmen, labor, skilled labor because Kedella Homes smoothly manages all labor, skilled labor and subcontractors. This way, you don't have to worry about who does what and in what order. We have organized everything for you.

Factors to consider when looking for land for your new home

Where you build is almost as important as how. And the location of your home will affect what you want and can do with the home, structurally and aesthetically.

When viewing real estate, keep the following in mind:

  • Plot size
  • Close to neighbors
  • Slope/level of the land
  • According to the faces of the plot (Where will the sun be?)
  • Natural environment (forest, field, water, etc.)
  • Trees (remember - tall, old trees can't just be planted)
  • Style of other houses in the area (if applicable)
  • Access to resources (Need a well? Septic tank? New power or phone line?)
  • Having a view versus privacy
  • Talk to a professional! While not necessary, having an expert like an architect or professional home improvement engineer come to a property you're interested in can save you headaches later by making sure you can do whatever you want with that piece of land.

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Frequently asked questions

We are thinking about building a custom home, but have never built one before. What should we take care of?

Some considerations are the same for building a home and buying an existing home, such as location, affordability, and the home's suitability for your lifestyle. When building a custom home, you should be prepared to spend some time, especially in the planning phase. This is where your list of must-have, love-to-have, and wish-to-have features begins to take shape. At the same time, you have a lot to agree on, consider financing options and choose a builder. One of the most important elements to the success of custom home building is a high level of communication between the home builder and the home owner. During construction, you have to make many decisions about the details. And with any project of this size, there are usually some unexpected challenges, including time. So be prepared to continue with your time commitment and insist on construction planning, communication and good follow-up and assistance from your builder. As you can see, building a custom home takes time and dedication, but luckily it's almost always an exciting and rewarding challenge, and the resulting custom home is a reflection of you.

Do you have model homes or is every home built from scratch?

That. We do both. Kedella Homes designs and builds model homes. For us, model homes are a focal point for new ideas and fresh concepts, as well as a showcase for our favorite features, such as open floor plans, inviting entryways, elegantly functional kitchens, beautiful staircases and, of course, characterful fireplaces. We love brainstorming with our clients about our model because it provides the perfect backdrop to visually explore ideas, define needs, talk about features and discover how the home we're building for them will be unique to them. Of course, we offer our model homes for sale as built, and often a potential client will decide to build their own long before it's finished. But we always make sure to take the time to "show" the latest model homes so we can meet new people to brainstorm with.

What styles of construction do you offer?

Any architectural style you can think of. We don't just work with a fixed set of floor plans and we're not limited to certain styles that we've done in the past. If you really want us to be thrilled with your home, ask us to design and build a home like we've never done before!

Is building more expensive than buying?

A lack of new home supply increases demand, making it harder to find an existing property in your price range, and if you do find one, you may be overpaying for it. As a result, we see that more and more families decide to build a new house. And they've found that it's actually more cost-effective than buying an existing home when you factor in the cost of maintaining and updating your existing home versus going into a brand new home.

How long does it take to build a new home?

There is a big misconception when it comes to a realistic construction timeline. We understand that it is better to tell the client that the house can be built in a few months, but this is a wrong statement. In reality, building a new home involves much more than just the construction phase of the process.

you know very well that a perfectly executed and planned construction plan can easily be delayed by weeks or months depending on the weather. So, all in all, a process of 7-8 months is the most realistic deadline we can offer you, and that is if there are no major delays in the construction of the house itself.

Is a two-story house more expensive to build?

Two-story houses tend to be more cost-effective to build simply because each floor allows you to add square footage by stacking them without increasing the foundation or floor plan of the structure. Additionally, you can also save a significant amount of money by switching your plan from a strike basement to a day basement.

Can I save money by choosing an existing range of plans instead of going through the custom design process?

Creating a new house plan costs several thousand rupees, which makes some people wonder, "If I just choose a set of existing plans, can't I bypass the entire design process and save time and money?" While this may seem logical, our experience over the years has shown that the cost savings between doing a custom design versus choosing a "pre-designed" house plan is not really a cost savings at all. We build each home to the exact needs and wants of the customer, but we have a collection of floor plans of some of the homes we have built before to inspire people.

Here's why: Pre-designed plans are designed to meet a general list of requirements to appeal to the widest possible audience. With such a generic plan, you'll usually find yourself trying to fit your family and your lifestyle into a home that wasn't designed with you in mind. Think of it this way: if you are building a house, every extra square foot will cost you a lot of rupees (the average cost of building a house in Sri Lanka is around Rs4500/sq ft). Keeping this in mind, if your house has only 100 square feet of wasted space in the basic floor plans, you have just paid Rs.450,000/= for extra space that you will never use. By building a new house you avoid that unnecessary square footage, so while you may spend Rs 50,000 to Rs 150,000 on a new set of plans, you don't have to build a house based on a plan you like but which is 200 square meters more than you need. So if we can save you that 200 square feet, you've just avoided spending 900,000/=. Not a bad deal, right?

When we begin the design and construction process with a new client, we don't ask, "Do you want floor plan A, B, or C?" - instead we ask "How do you live your life?" and through a long series of questions we will create a home design that suits you.

You call yourself a "design and build" contractor. What does that mean?

Here's a quick answer: design-build contracts are a construction process where the builder is involved in every aspect of the construction project from the very beginning of the design process.

What are the advantages of designing and making?

The design-build method has many advantages and as such is considered the most cost-effective, efficient and fastest construction. In this approach, Kedella Homes is a home designer and a home builder, so we combine the two functions in a process that maximizes communication, minimizes confusion, and brings your entire project to quick completion. With Kedella Homes as your one-stop source, you enjoy six benefits.

  • Single company responsibility - Kedella Homes is responsible for every phase of the project, so the client knows who is always responsible.
  • Save time - the elimination of time-consuming estimates and redesign plans in the design and construction period is greatly reduced. This reduces your costs and allows you to open and use your home as early as possible.
  • Greater Project Control - Since Kedella Homes is responsible for every phase of the project, a greater degree of control will be demonstrated resulting in improved design and build quality, lower costs and faster delivery times.
  • Home building costs can be estimated faster - With design-build, the cost of your home can be estimated much sooner, even before the final construction drawings. This can reduce your pre-construction costs before estimating the cost of your project.
  • Fewer changes - By consolidating design and construction under one company and keeping communication simple, we make expensive change orders the exception, not the rule.
  • Improved risk management - Kedella Homes appropriately balances risk and responsibility and clearly defines expectations for cost, schedule, quality and safety compliance.
Are you building outside of Kandy and Colombo?

Yes. We love to travel for the right client and the right task. However, keep in mind that the costs of doing business remotely are rising

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How much does it cost to build a house Sri Lanka? ›

3. The size of the house
House typePrice range per Sq. Ft in LKR (2022)
Basic12,000 – 14,000
Mid15,000 – 18,000
Jan 14, 2019

What is the housing construction cost index in Sri Lanka? ›

Housing Index in Sri Lanka averaged 469.21 points from 1993 until 2022, reaching an all time high of 1792.80 points in the third quarter of 2022 and a record low of 123.90 points in the first quarter of 1993.

How much money does it cost to make a house? ›

While the average cost to build a house was $285,956 in 2022, most homeowners spend $111,892 – $460,414 to build their homes.

How much does it cost to build an apartment in Sri Lanka? ›

Average Cost To Build A House in Sri lanka

The average cost to build a house is between Rs. 4500/= to Rs. 6600/= per square foot depending on your location, size of the home, and if modern or custom designs are used.

Which country is cheapest to build a house? ›

By these rankings, Turkey is the most affordable country for home shoppers, with an average cost of $69 per square foot. No. 2 for affordability is Mexico, where the average dwelling comes in at $90.10 a square foot (by the rough math, that could get you a 1,000-square-foot dwelling for around $90,000).

Can a foreigner buy a property in Sri Lanka? ›

What are the rules and regulations for expats and foreigners buying and renting property in Sri Lanka ? Foreigners can buy apartments / condominiums from ground level up, however lands cannot be purchased on freehold and can only be leased up to 99 years.

What is the outlook of Sri Lanka construction industry? ›

According to the publisher, construction industry in Sri Lanka is expected to grow by 9.2% to reach LKR 1,535 billion in 2023.

What is the construction industry growth rate in Sri Lanka? ›

The Sri Lankan construction industry is expected to register an average annual growth of 5.6% from 2024 to 2027, picking up from the low base in 2022 and 2023. In January 2023, India's state-owned railway company Indian Railway Construction International (IRCON) launched a LKR28.

What is the construction price index? ›

A construction price index measures how various prices change over a set period of time, which means that these tools can be used to measure inflation and to gain a better understanding of total construction costs before development has even started.

Is it cheaper to buy a house or have it built? ›

Overall, it's cheaper to build a home than to buy one in California, with 13 out of the 20 counties saving you money if you decide to build your house from scratch. Budget-wise, building is more favorable in Southern California whereas Central California caters best to those interested in buying.

Is 100K enough to build a house? ›

The straight answer is yes; building a modern home for 100K or less is possible. However, you will have to be very conscious while designing your home's interior. Similarly, you also must opt for durable yet cost-effective add-ons. You may also have to sacrifice some space and consider location carefully.

What is the cheapest type of house to build? ›

The cheapest way to build a home is to design a simple box. Sticking to a square or rectangular floor plan makes the building and design simple. Generally speaking, building up is cheaper than building a sprawling one-story home, so you may want to consider planning for a multiple-story home if you need more space.

How much money is enough to live in Sri Lanka? ›

Summary of cost of living in Sri Lanka: A family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,593.7$ (489,088.9Rs) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 447.9$ (137,450.8Rs) without rent.

What is a typical house in Sri Lanka? ›

Homes in Sri Lanka

A traditional house in Sri Lanka has one or two rooms and its own garden and is separated from other houses. Traditional houses have mud and plaster walls and a thatched roof made of woven palm fronds. Nice homes have glass windows, stucco and/or brick walls and ceramic tile roof.

How expensive is it to live in Sri Lanka? ›

Summary of cost of living in Colombo, Sri Lanka: A family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,704.3$ (524,953.4Rs) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 475.5$ (146,466.8Rs) without rent. Colombo is 64.4% less expensive than New York (without rent).

What is the most expensive country to build a house? ›

Switzerland is now the most expensive country in the world for construction while Japan and Singapore have seen significant relative cost reductions over the last year, according to the 2014 International Construction Costs Report released today by Arcadis.

Which country is best for building a house? ›

5 Best Countries With Growing Construction Industries in 2023
  • Australia. In 2023, Australia is offering interesting and great opportunities for those seeking construction jobs abroad. ...
  • Switzerland. Many dream about touring Switzerland due to its incredible landscape views. ...
  • United Kingdom. ...
  • United States. ...
  • Belgium.
Jan 23, 2023

What country is the most expensive to build in? ›

The U.S. is the most expensive country for construction, says the latest global cost analysis by U.K. professional services consultant Turner & Townsend, with six American cities now among the list's top 10—dislodging London and Hong Kong for the first time.

Is there property tax in Sri Lanka? ›

Sri Lanka to start property tax, transfer, gift, inheritance tax from Jan 2025. ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka will start a nation-wide property tax and a gift and inheritance tax with minimal exemptions, according to a deal reached with the International Monetary Fund and the government.

How much cash can a foreigner bring to Sri Lanka? ›

Currency Regulations

Visitors to Sri Lanka bringing in excess of US$ 10,000 should declare the amount to the Customs. All unspent monies, which were converted from foreign currencies declared on arrival, can be re-converted to original currency. You are required to produce encashment receipts or payment bills.

Can I retire to Sri Lanka? ›

Retirement visa holders are bound by the rules and regulations of Sri Lanka and are liable to pay relevant taxes. Applicants are expected to submit half-year's bank statements from the fixed deposit and savings account to the Controller (Visa) of the Department of Immigration Emigration.

What is the construction problem in Sri Lanka? ›

In Sri Lanka, the fluctuating construction workload, unfair competition by foreign contractors, skills drain and shortages and high cost of developing skills were the main identified problems [6]. However, in Sri Lanka, the construction industry places a vital role in economical and physical development.

What are the top 3 industries in Sri Lanka? ›

Sri Lanka - Gem Mining, Manufacturing, Tourism, and Hydropower | Britannica.

Why is Sri Lanka's economy falling? ›

A UN report in September 2022 highlighted that impunity of Sri Lankan officials for human rights violations and economic crimes in the country are reasons of its economic crisis.

What is Sri Lanka top industry? ›

The main economic sectors of the country are tourism, tea export, apparel, textile, rice production and other agricultural products.

How much do construction workers earn in Sri Lanka? ›

Construction Jobs by Salary
Job TitleRangeAverage
Job Title:Civil EngineerRange:Rs 124k - Rs 3mAverage:Rs 977,762
Quantity SurveyorRange:Rs 238k - Rs 2mAverage:Rs 610,419
AccountantRange:Rs 480k - Rs 1mAverage:Rs 859,890
Assistant Quantity SurveyorRange:Rs 305k - Rs 583kAverage:Rs 510,000
3 more rows

Which country has the largest construction market in the world? ›

It is hard to understate the dominance of China in the construction sector. With a population of 1.4 billion people, even domestic construction has massive demand and the construction companies in the country have created entire towns and huge residential buildings.

Will construction materials go down in 2023? ›

In February 2023, most pundits believe the construction materials cost will continue to fluctuate. The consensus is that the cost of most materials will not return to pre-pandemic levels this year, though they should come down or at least not increase as dramatically as they have been.

What is the construction cost forecast for 2023? ›

The overall Building Cost Index is forecasted at 3.8% in 2023. On the material side, ENR is forecasting continued price increases of cement, while steel products are anticipated to continue their downward trend.

What is the building material price trend in 2023? ›

Construction economists expect material costs to continue to increase in the coming years, although the rate of increase is expected to slow. They predict that the cost of construction materials will rise in 2023 by an average of 4%.

Which country is the most expensive to build a house? ›

Switzerland is now the most expensive country in the world for construction while Japan and Singapore have seen significant relative cost reductions over the last year, according to the 2014 International Construction Costs Report released today by Arcadis.

Can foreigners inherit property in Sri Lanka? ›

No law prohibits foreigners from inheriting property in Sri Lanka. However the Finance Act No. 11 of 1963 states that where of ownership of any land is transferred to a person who is not a citizen of Sri Lanka, a tax of an amount equivalent to the value of the land is charged.

What country has the nicest houses? ›

Ten Cities And Villages With The Most Beautiful Homes In The...
  • Birgu, Malta. Birgu is crowned the city with the most beautiful houses. ...
  • Bibury, England. ...
  • Tuscany, Italy. ...
  • Ghent, Belgium. ...
  • Visby, Sweden. ...
  • Mykonos, Greece. ...
  • London, England. ...
  • San Francisco, USA.

What is the most cost effective house to build? ›

Ranch Homes

Ranch homes are the most popular home style in the U.S. They're another rectangular-shaped house, though they come in “T” or “L” shapes, too. A home with a simple and concise layout is the cheapest type of house to build. Ranch homes are typically single-story structures with attached garages.

Is it cheaper or more expensive to buy or build a house? ›

As a rule of thumb, it's cheaper to buy a house than to build one. Building a new home costs $34,000 more, on average, than purchasing an existing home. The median cost of new construction was $449,000 in May 2022.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Sri Lanka? ›

A family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,595.5$ (491,481.3Rs) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 448.2$ (138,054.5Rs) without rent. Cost of living in Sri Lanka is, on average, 54.5% lower than in United States. Rent in Sri Lanka is, on average, 86.0% lower than in United States.

Is it good time to buy house in Sri Lanka? ›

A study of the House Price Index further showed that the demand for houses and apartments in Q4 of 2021 had increased by 22.53% and 17.68% respectively. These were an all-time high compared to the previous records with the selling price of a 3 bedroom apartment unit in Colombo rising by 24.11%.

Is Sri Lanka suitable for live? ›

Sri Lanka often referred to as the 'pearl of the Indian ocean', is claimed by both locals and expats alike as a truly great place to live and work. A country of many facets, Sri Lanka offers a spectrum of experiences, cultures and places for those who enjoy diversity and variety.

How many bags of cement can build a 3 bedroom house in Ghana? ›

From the many experiences of workers who are working in real estate and other building projects for people in Ghana, at least 300 bags of cement will be enough to build a 3-bedroom self-contained home in Ghana.

How many bags of cement do I need for a 4 bedroom house? ›

Bags of Cement for a Four-Bedroom House

Building a four-bedroom house requires approximately 112-120 bags of cement. The house consists of a living room and dining room measuring 12×12, four bedrooms with a bathroom, and a kitchen.

Is it cheaper to build a house or buy a house in Ghana? ›

It is advisable for first-time home buyers to go the cheaper route and buy an existing house. They will save money and get some homeownership experience before they take on the challenge of building a new house.

Does Sri Lanka allow dual citizenship? ›

Dual Citizenship is applicable to;

Resumption – Section 19(2) of the said Act makes provisions in respect of a person whose citizenship of Sri Lanka has ceased due to obtaining of citizenship in another country and who there after desire to resume the status of a Citizenship of Sri Lanka.

Does Sri Lanka have property taxes? ›

Sri Lanka to start property tax, transfer, gift, inheritance tax from Jan 2025. ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka will start a nation-wide property tax and a gift and inheritance tax with minimal exemptions, according to a deal reached with the International Monetary Fund and the government.


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