GDC 2023: Session guide and tips for new GDC attendees (2023)

Are you going to the Game Developers Conference for the first time? I am interested in the best lectures and networking for new faces onGDC 2023? This handy session guide and instructions will help you plan your schedule.

Game Developers Conference 2023 will feature hundreds of sessions, covering nearly every discipline, topic and focus important to game developers today. It can be hard to choose! That's why we've created this handy First Time at GDC guide - the first in our series of GDC 2023 guides, featuring recommendations for sessions, events, networking opportunities and more.

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This First Time at GDC guide features some of the "greatest hits" that GDC is known for. For beginners, we highly recommend GDC 101, which will be your one-stop-shop for learning the ropes at the event. We also recommend the GDC Main Stage presentation, the Classic Game Postmortem, and the GDCA and IGF Awards, along with sessions related to your focus or discipline that you can learn more abouthere.

This guide also includes tips on how to get the most out of your GDC and links to recommended GDC Vault videos and game developer articles to help you prepare for GDC 2023.

Must-see sessions and events for the first time at GDC

Brandon Sheffield (Game Developer, Necrosoft Games)

Pastype: All Access Pass, Core Pass, Summits Pass, Audio Pass, Independent Games Summit Pass

Description: "A crash course in GDC for beginners! Get the most out of your experience by learning the ins and outs of the show, from choosing sessions, to networking, to just getting around. GDC is a huge event with a lot to do, and we're here to help you prioritize what you really want to get out of the show, while learning all the basics at the same time. Plus, there's a networking event right after the session!"

Chandana Ekanayake (Suosnivač and Creative Director, Outerloop Games)

(Video) Unity DOTS at GDC 2023 - In Depth Overview

Jen Oneal (Games Industry Executive, Independent)

Robert Anderberg (CEO of suosnivač, ControlZee)

Pastype: All Access Pass, Core Pass, Summits Pass, Expo Pass, Audio Pass, Independent Games Summit Pass

Description: "In this episode of the GDC Main Stage, 'The Future of Gaming' is a multi-part presentation about how the gaming industry is expanding; being open to new perspectives, opportunities and challenges. It's about looking for ideas and ideals that are increasingly present in the industry and how to make them work for you."

Nobuhiko Momoi (Director, CTO (Chief Tamagotchi Director), BANDAI Co., Ltd.)

Pastype: All Access Pass, Core Pass

Description: "Walk through history and find out what was at the heart of the original virtual pet's success, what Bandai changed about Tamagotchi to keep it fresh and relevant, and what stayed the same to keep the name alive."

GDC pitch:1. andfrom2. and

Jason Della Rocca (suosnivač, Execution Labs)

Pastype: All Access Pass, Core Pass

Description: "Five GDC Play studios have been selected to pitch their games to an unusual panel of investors and publishers, in front of a live audience (no pressure!)."

Pastype: All Access Pass, Core Pass

(Video) Proceduralism for Games? Short answer is YES. | Christos Stavridis | GDC HIVE 2023

Description: "In this fast-paced game-packed session, panelists will showcase a selection of surprising and intriguing prototypes created by innovation-driven game developers from around the world. Demonstrating games that defy convention and tradition in search of new genres and ideas, this session aims to to spark the imagination of all game makers. Come see what's happening in the world of experimental games and get inspired!"

More meaningful session choices

Elena Lobova (mede-oprichter, CBDO, GDBAY)

Pastype: All Access Pass, Core Pass

Description: "When the large-scale war in Ukraine started, the entire GDBAY team was in the country, ready to start the international online game jam that they were going to organize that weekend. In this conversation, Elena will tell you how the team organized the game jam during the first week of the war and what approaches helped to maintain high morale and team motivation under high levels of stress and uncertainty.

Pastype: All Access Pass, Core Pass, Summits Pass, Expo Pass, Audio Pass, Independent Games Summit Pass

Description: "In this session, meet six game creators who challenge the possibilities and, through their own work, advocate for expanding the idea of ​​what games can be and how they are made. Some of these presentations are serious, others are silly. Some will encourage you to get involved in your community, others will encourage you to debate with your friends. They are all thought-provoking."

Stephanie Fisher (suredateljica, Pixelles)

Alison Harvey (Associate Professor, University of York)

Pastype: All Access Pass, Core Pass, Summits Pass, Expo Pass, Audio Pass, Independent Games Summit Pass

Description: "Working with the leaders and members of the Pixelles Montréal community, Stephanie Fisher and Alison Harvey will outline the concrete and specific benefits of participatory organizing in creating change in the short, medium and long term."

(Video) How to create, launch, and manage multiplayer games with Unity | Unity at GDC 2023

Raffael Boccamazzo (Clinical Director, Take This)

Alicia Fortier (Lead Game Designer, Spry Fox)

Osama Dorias (Senior Partner Relations Manager, Unity Technologies)

Anna Brandberg (Lead UX Designer, The Outsiders (Funcom))

Pastype: All Access Pass, Core Pass, Summits Pass, Expo Pass, Audio Pass, Independent Games Summit Pass

Description: "This series of micro-talks provides participants with a basic understanding of what burnout is and its causative factors, before discussing the long-term impact through personal experiences. Recognizing that systemic solutions must be implemented to address the problem, this series provides individuals with tools and actionable steps to strengthen their resistance to burning."

Shinya Kumazaki (CEO, HAL Laboratory, Inc.)

Tatsuya Kamiyama (Professional Director, Development Division, Division 1, HAL Laboratory, Inc.)

Pastype: All Access Pass, Core Pass

Description: "One year after the launch of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, developers Shinya Kumazaki and Tatsuya Kamiyama discuss how they brought traditional Kirby gameplay into a 3D world. It's our favorite way to do it."

Then definitely visit oursSession Browserfor a full list of sessions, talks and events, and start preparing that schedule (we'll update dates and times as they become available).

10 tips to get the most out of your GDC

1. Complete your Swapcard profile: GDC again uses Swapcard as the main system for all GDC networking activities. Be sure to fully fill out your profile as soon as it becomes available (mid-March) to stay connected during GDC. You can also request meetings with any other participant registered through Swapcard - with the ability to search participants by job title, professional interest and other filters.

(Video) The State and Future of Board Games 2023

2. Book your hotel with us: Don't try your luck with some random travel site - GDC has discounts on hotels near the event for attendees. It's the best way to get the best room near the convention center.go therefor hotel reservation information and other travel questions.

3. Join a Roundtable: Our talks and panels are great, but be sure to add at least one roundtable to your favorites during your time at GDC. They're a great way to get hands-on experience with a topic you're interested in and network with industry peers.go therefor the list of GDC 2023 roundtables, with new ones being added regularly.

4. Organize a Quick Networking Session: There are many ways to network at the Game Developers Conference, such as using Swapcard (when available) to hold meetings in our Connect Lounge. But if you're looking for variety and fun, join one of our Speed ​​​​Networking sessions! These are one-hour sessions in which participants rotate around the room, meet new people and establish contacts. No pre-registration is required and it is first come, first served.

5. Attend a Sponsored Talk: Many of our awesome sponsors hold sessions and speak at the Game Developers Conference. Some of them showcase the latest products and services, while others help game developers navigate the opportunities and challenges they've faced themselves. They are open to participants fromall success rates. It's worth checking out which studios and companies are speaking at GDC and which ones interest you!

6. Plan your Expo tour...then go: The GDC 2023 Expo Floor has many booths and exhibitors showcasing some of the latest gaming, technology and career opportunities. Then definitely visit our interactiveCanso you can map the stands you want to visit. But don't forget to set aside some time for an unstructured tour of the Expo Floor. You might be surprised at what you find - I once discovered a popcorn maker! A vital afternoon snack.

7. Check out alt.ctrl.GDC: If you want to see the latest innovations in game programming and alternative controllers, look no further thanalt.ctrl.GDCon the Expo floor. Several developers brought their groundbreaking (and often unexpected) games and controllers to showcase at GDC. Participants of all levels can play them for free and chat with the developers.

8. Relax in our common rooms: It's time to celebrate: common rooms are back at GDC 2023! Not only are they a place to relax during the day, but they are also the perfect place to network with industry peers and potential employers. Go to oursCanto see our shared spaces on the Expo Floor, including interactive spaces for specific disciplines and the GDC Play Lounge.

9. Get Recipes from SF Ambassadors: Trying to find something to eat between sessions? Watch out for the city officialsWelcome ambassadors— in their signature bright orange jackets, with the words "Welcome Ambassador" on the back. They'll be hanging out at GDC and may have recommendations for interesting places to grab a quick bite or a more substantial meal.

10. Attend the GDCA and IGF Awards: Last but certainly not least! On Wednesday, March 22 at 6:30 PM PT, the GDC Main Stage will host the Independent Games Festival and Game Developers Choice Awards - two prestigious ceremonies celebrating the games industry and the standout games and developers of the past year. The best part: it's free for participants of all pass levels.

This is the latest in our series of session guides for GDC 2023, featuring recommendations for sessions, events, networking opportunities and more.go thereto view all previous GDC 2023 session guides.

Of course, the only way to see these sessions, and many others, is to register for GDC!

GDC 2023 will be held March 20-24, 2023 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California, and registration is now open. For more information, be sure to visitGDC-placeand follow the #GDC23 hashtag on social media.

CGW discount codes

CGW readers get 10% off AA, Core and Summits GDC passes with discount code: 10off-CGW-8tcdg

Article courtesy of GDC

(Video) The FUTURE of Unity - Roadmap GDC 2023 (DOTS, Multiplayer, Rendering, AI)


What is the gdc promo code for 2023? ›

Speaker Discount Code

Invitees receive 10% off* All Access passes with promotional code CSMEDeNj9q0hQ. Code ends April 1, 2023 at 11:59pm PT when registration concludes March 24, 2023.

Where is the gdc 2023? ›

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) returns to San Francisco in March 2023.

Is there a GDC app? ›

This Android App is completely free.

What is GDC vault? ›

GDC Vault, the official video platform of the Game Developers Conference, is a leading resource for developers within the video game industry.

What is victorious 2023 discount code? ›

Discount only valid for travel between 25th to 27th August 2023. Only valid for travel Ryde to Southsea. Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, discounts or combos. Discount only valid when promo code VICTORIOUS2023 is applied at the checkout.

How much is GDC masterclass? ›

Course Fee

$999 (approx. £750) per student. Seating is limited to ensure each student has time with the instructor, and registration for these courses will be closed when capacity is reached. Purchasing a GDC Masterclass pass also gives you full access to the AI Summit at Tobacco Dock London during London Tech Week.

How much is GDC vault access? ›

But GDC's organizers have stated that live-streaming presentations and panels is “cost-prohibitive” (and access to the vault where recordings are kept can either be purchased for $600 or is gated behind the most expensive badge price).

Is GDC Vault free? ›

You don't need a membership to access the content in the Free Section, which provides a preview of the vast archive of knowledge and information available in the GDC Vault.

How much is Socratic app? ›

The pricing for Socratic starts at $10.0 per user per month. Socratic has 2 different plans: Growth at $10.00 per user per month. Scale at $18.00 per user per month.

Are all GDC talks recorded? ›

Yes, GDC records most sessions and makes them availible to view online throughout the year on GDC Vault.

What does GDC stand for in game? ›

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is an annual conference for video game developers.

Is GDC virtual? ›

Attention artists, designers, and creators: GDC Showcase 2023 wants to feature your artwork in its virtual gallery. Chosen artists will receive a complimentary pass to the exciting virtual event!

How many people attend GDC? ›

Opacity. NBC Universal, Inc. Organizers say the full-sized, in-person conference for video game developers is shaping up to be as big as the ones held here in San Francisco before the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 24,000 people attending and 330 exhibitors in the Moscone Center's underground expo halls.

Can anyone attend GDC? ›

To attend GDC'23, you can purchase a pass through the official GDC website. However, please note that GDC is primarily targeted toward professionals in the game development industry and the passes may have specific eligibility criteria.

What are GDC summit sessions? ›

GDC Summits are deep dives into specific game dev disciplines or markets, designed to foster learning and connection among specific communities.

How to get free discount code? ›

Use a trusted source.

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Can you get MasterClass for free? The closest way to get MasterClass for free is by utilizing the 30-day money-back guarantee. This will get you access to the MasterClass library, with the ability to cancel your subscription for a full refund within the first 30 days of starting a MasterClass subscription.

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How Much Does MasterClass Cost? MasterClass offers three plan types: Individual ($180 per year), Duo ($240 per year), and Family ($276 per year). All plans require full payment for a year upfront.

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Overall, most MasterClass reviews skew positive: Students report that they enjoy learning at their own pace from instructors they recognize. Several reviewers on Trustpilot say they love buying subscriptions for friends and relatives as the perfect “gift that keeps on giving.”

Who funds the GDC? ›

The GDC is funded predominately from fees paid by dentists and dental care professionals (DCPs) who are required under the Dentists Act 1984 to be registered with the Council in order to practise dentistry in the United Kingdom.

How to network at GDC? ›

The most common method of staying in touch at GDC is handing out business cards. If you haven't made them yet, do it now, you'll need at least a 50-count, but it doesn't hurt to have more for future networking. Keep the design simple yet eye-catching in order to stand out in a good way.

Is there a better app than Socratic? ›

The best alternatives to Socratic are Google Assistant, RaiseMe, and Studious 2.0. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.

What competes with Socratic app? ›

org's top 5 competitors in April 2023 are:,,,, and more.

Is Socratic completely free? ›

Thank you Google for making this free, it's ridiculous that some apps charge students for a genuine learning experience. angle I was super skeptical of this app at first, when my friend recommended it. So skeptical that I downloaded it, but didn't even open it until a year later.

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