Airport and Airline Services (Sri Lanka) (Private) Limited. (2023)

What do you have to declare to customs?

  • Visitors - All items that remain in Sri Lanka and items that are restricted or prohibited
  • Residents - all items purchased abroad, purchases from duty-free shops in Sri Lanka and items that are restricted or prohibited

What are the restricted or prohibited items?

Restricted articles
  • Gold, jewelry, precious stones and other precious metals
  • Alcoholic beverages and wines
  • Cosmetics, medicines and devices
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Foreign currency over USD 15,000 or equivalent. If you intend to withdraw US$5000 or more, please declare the full amount in Sri Lankan Rupees, not more than 20000, for Sri Lankan citizens only.
  • Animals, plants (including specimens) and their parts
  • Firearms, ammunition, air weapons and explosives
  • All other items that require special permits or licenses
Prohibited items
  • Narcotics, psychotropic substances, drug precursors, pornographic and pro-religious literature
  • Cigarettes

What tax-free allowances are available?

  • Visitors are normally duty-free on personal items such as clothing, cosmetics and gifts up to a value of USD 250/- and 1 1/2 litres. snacks and 2 bottles of wine
  • Sri Lankan residents are entitled to an annual allowance based on their stay abroad as per the table below. Items allowed under these allowances typically include personal clothing, household electrical/electronic equipment (except restricted and prohibited items) and 2 ½ lit. spirit and 2 lit. wine.
Stay abroad The value of items brought from abroad FROM The value of items purchased in duty-free shops
Less than 90 days 125 dollars 187,50 €
Between 90 and 365 days 500 dollars 625 dollars
More than 365 days 1000 dollars 1750 dollars

Do I have to pay tax on the things I bring with me?

  • Trade samples, sale/gift items, industrial materials and items that cannot be considered personal property are subject to customs duty. Items in commercial quantities are subject to fines and fees. Customs determines duties and penalties.

For more information, please contact Sri Lanka Customs through their information centre+94 11 2221333or visit their website at


Airport and Airline Services (Sri Lanka) (Private) Limited.? ›

Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) (Private) Limited is a fully government owned company with statutory powers to manage and develop civil airports in Sri Lanka.

How to contact airport & Aviation Services Sri Lanka Limited? ›

General Contact details
DivisionDirect LineEmail
Airport Management094 11 225
Commercial & Properties094 11 225
Projects094 11 225
Electrical & Mechanical Engineering094 11 225
20 more rows

What is the airport company in Sri Lanka? ›

Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) (Private) Limited is a fully government owned company with statutory powers to manage and develop civil airports in Sri Lanka.

Who is the owner of Bandaranaike International Airport? ›

AASL manages and operates Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA), Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (MRIA), Colombo International Airport, Ratmalana (CIAR) Batticaloa International Airport (BTIA), and Jaffna International Airport (JIA) under the leadership of Major General G. A. Chandrasiri.

What is the new airline service of Sri Lanka? ›

Air Seychelles, the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles launches a new service from its home base to Colombo, Sri Lanka with twice weekly flights. The inaugural flight landed in Colombo at 0350 hrs today, on Wednesday 21 June 2023 after a short four hour trip linking the two islands.

How do I contact American airlines in Sri Lanka? ›

Worldwide phone numbers
Country / RegionPhone
Sri Lanka072-098-7370
Thailand02-634-1031 or 02-634-1032
VietnamHanoi: 24-3933-0330 Ho Chi Minh City: 28-3933-0330
11 more rows

How do I book airport assistance? ›

Your travel service provider may ask you to telephone them or their agent or complete a web form. Many airlines provide a Freephone or local rate number for you to call to notify them of your assistance needs. Some airlines also offer a free call-back option.


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