5 safe Caribbean islands for women traveling alone (2023)

As countries gradually open their borders to tourists, it's time to start planning a much-needed getaway. If you need a break from it all (and everyone), consider a solo trip.

Traveling alone is becoming more and more popular with women. If you're like many of us, you feel the need to keep everyone happy. But in his determination to please everyone in his family, he neglects himself.

You love museums, but your kids complain so much that they spoil your fun. You want to stay on the beach all day with a good book, but your partner wants to go parasailing. You're ready for dinner, but no one else is hungry. What usually happens in these situations? You commit. No, you don't even commit. You give up what you want in favor of keeping someone else happy.

Soa familiar?

That's the beauty of traveling alone. You can do whatever you want.

Let me tell you my story. When I travel, I like to sit in the aisle. I don't like feeling trapped. But my boyfriend always likes to sit by the window. To be together, I always sit in the center so he's happy.

One day I said, you know what? I want to sit in the aisle, dammit! He can take the middle seat! I was honestly fine with it. He didn't complain. He didn't grumble or sigh or give any indication that he wasn't happy. But she knew she would have been happier by the window. And because of that, I felt guilty and didn't like my aisle seat one bit.

Messy. I know. I also know it's my problem, but that doesn't make things any easier.

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That's why I love to travel alone. Not just because I got the aisle seat. I sleep late if I want to. I can go to bed early and watch a romantic comedy. I have no one to make happy but myself. It's a liberating feeling!

But traveling alone as a woman also has its drawbacks, the main one being safety. It is absolutely necessary to take precautions to stay safe,what I'm talking about here.But the first thing to do is choose your location. Find a place where you can relax, don't look over your shoulder every few minutes, and really enjoy being alone.

Luckily for you, the Caribbean has plenty of options for single women. Keep reading to see my favorites.

All these islands are qualified by theUnited States Department of Stateas Tier 1 countries. This is the safest classification, which means taking normal precautions (as you always should!). also innumbeo.com, visitors rated each island below as "too tall" to walk alone during the day and "too tall" or "high" to walk alone at night.

Keep reading and see where your next solo adventure takes you.


5 safe Caribbean islands for women traveling alone (1)

Known as the "Happiest Island",ArubaIt's a great destination for single women. Aruba consists of approximately 75 square miles and 42 miles of coastline. Of course, Aruba has white sand beaches and calm waters for you to enjoy. You'll also find a rugged coastline with wild waves crashing against the cliffs.

Traveling alone doesn't mean you want to be alone all the time. Aruba is a great place to mix with locals and other tourists. Visit during the two-month Carnival and you're guaranteed to make new friends.

Aruba is home to many glittering casinos, as well as a lively bar and club scene. Be sure to try Aruba's famous cocktail, the Aruba Ariba. This drink contains a local liquor called Coecoei, which can only be found on the island.

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Mingle with some fish by joining a diving or snorkeling tour of Antilla, the largest shipwreck in the southern Caribbean and home to an abundance of marine life.

A safe and friendly island, it's no wonder solo travelers recommend Aruba.

Aruba Official Tourism Site,www.VisiteAruba.comIt has a lot of information about the island, as well as the Carnival calendar.

Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Ilhas Cayman

5 safe Caribbean islands for women traveling alone (2)

Grand Cayman is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It's also a great place to get pampered. If you like to shop, Georgetown is the place for you. You'll find a variety of duty-free shops selling well-known brands. You can also find local crafts if you're looking for something a little more unique.

You can't go to Grand Cayman and not go to the beach. Seven Mile Beach is Grand Cayman's most famous beach, and for good reason. You'll find just about any activity you want. Try horseback riding, snorkeling or parasailing. You can even get a massage in the shade of a palm tree. Or simply take a dip in the warm, clear water. You can't go wrong here.

If you prefer to mingle with the locals, visit East End Beach, also known as Colliers Beach. Here you'll find popular weekend activities where you can make friends for life.

Grand Cayman is not all beaches. Explore the magnificent caves on the north side of the island. You'll also find plenty of adventure sports to keep your adrenaline going.

Visite aCayman Islandsofficial website atwww.visitcaymanislands.comfor more information about this piece of paradise.

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Basseterre, San Cristobal

5 safe Caribbean islands for women traveling alone (3)

In St. Kitts you can find a mighty volcano, coral reefs, a tropical jungle, mongooses and vervet monkeys. The beaches are spectacular and the water is inviting.

You'll also meet friendly people and learn what it means to be "limin". Limin is what locals call lounging on the beach, cruising on a sailboat or having a Ting with a Sting at a beach bar. My lifestyle!

St. Kitts is a great choice for solo travelers. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. Here you will never feel alone.

If all that limin has you ready for a little excitement, you might as well find that. Try ziplining, flyboarding or kitesurfing. You can explore ancient shipwrecks, play golf and hike through the Valley of the Giants. There are many activities for outdoor lovers.

When you get bored, come back for some more limin. Perhaps visit one of the island's spas to relax. You'll have to rejuvenate yourself to be able to come back and see more of what this wonderful island has to offer!

To checkwww.stkittstourism.knfor all the details of St. Kitts.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

5 safe Caribbean islands for women traveling alone (4)

Tortola is the biggestbritish virgin islandsand offers a warm and friendly atmosphere. Whether you want to relax on one of the picturesque beaches, go for a walk or explore the island's fascinating history, you'll find your happy place here.

There are many fabulous spas to pamper yourself for a day. If you want a little adventure, take a helicopter ride and see how beautiful this part of the world is from the sky. Or maybe you'll make new friends on a diving trip or holiday cruise.


Tortola also has many educational opportunities. Visit Her Majesty's Prison Museum, the oldest building on the island. Or check out Jenesis Studios to experience the culture of the British Virgin Islands and learn about the early lives of the people.

If you want to see more of the Virgin Islands, both British and US, getting around is easy by taking an inter-island ferry or water taxi. There's a lot to see. You will never be bored in this part of the Caribbean!

Take a look at the British Virgin Islands website atwww.bvitourism.comto learn more about what to expect.


5 safe Caribbean islands for women traveling alone (5)

Grenada is located in the southern Caribbean, about 100 miles off the coast of Venezuela. For a long time it was called the "Island of Spices" due to the many nutmeg plantations. Try the nutmeg syrup. You can thank me later.

Grenada may be a small island (34 kilometers long and 19 kilometers wide), but it has a lot to do. For a unique experience, visit the underwater sculpture park with over 65 sculptures. You can experience the park by diving or snorkeling.

You'll also find hot springs, waterfalls and plantations to explore. Take a tour to see the beauty of the island and explore some of the remote locations. Try some sport fishing if that's your thing. Or hop on a catamaran to admire the island from the turquoise water and meet other travelers.

Or, you can join a group on a rafting trip down the Balthazar River to see the exotic wildlife that calls Grenada home. The options are almost endless!

One thing's for sure: you'll find friendly locals who are happy to chat with you about their Caribbean home.

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Visit Grenada's official website atwww.puregranada.comfor more info.

What are you waiting for?

Now that you have some great options, pack your bags and head out for a relaxing vacation, an adventurous vacation, or whatever you fancy. Because traveling is all about you.

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